Are Dogs Allowed on Siesta Key Beach?

The idea of traveling on a beach – pops up the name “Siesta Key Beach” at first in anyone’s mind. But while visiting this very beach, you should be aware of the rules and regulations like are dogs allowed on Siesta Key Beach.

Dogs are not allowed on Siesta Key Beach according to Sarasota County Ordinance 14-48. You will face a fine upon violation of the rules. However, there are dog friendly walking trails, restaurants, and even dog parks around the beach. You may even visit nearby dog friendly beaches as well.

Go through this post to get your confusion clear. Have a better understanding of what to do with your pet while you are planning a trip to Siesta Key Beach. Know the legal provisions to get rid of any unwanted hassle.

Sarasota County Legal Provisions

According to Sarasota County Ordinance 14-48, no animal is allowed on public beaches. It states that, ‘‘Animals prohibited in certain public areas (beaches, parks, playgrounds, school premises, buildings); removal of fecal matter from public areas.’’

The violation of this article will cost you $50 for the first time, a $200 fine for the second time, and you will have to appear in court for a consecutive third time violation. You will face higher fines for not taking care of animal waste in a public place.

However, there is an exception to this provision that allows dogs on Siesta Key Beach. But this is only limited to dogs that are “trained to assist or aid disabled individuals” ONLY!

5 Possible Reasons : Dogs are not Allowed

Siesta Key Beach arguably is considered the no. 1 beach in the U.S. based upon tourists’ attraction. And the very basic reason not to allow dogs on the beach is a part of trying to keep the beach the way it is – without harming the surroundings.

Now, obviously dogs are not ‘harmful’ for the environment. But an owner can’t guarantee controlling every behavioral detail of his/her pet. They can go unleash on any moment and cause an unwanted scenario at the end while roaming around. And we can’t afford that when it comes to preserving the quartz sand, turquoise waters of the Siesta Key Beach. Let’s be specific.


The very first thing to consider is the environmental elements of Siesta Key Beach. This beach has quartz sand on it. And the soil and sand are vulnerable against any fecal matter, any waste (urine or so), and bacteria. Therefore, dogs are not allowed.


Amazingly, there is a bird habitat in Siesta Key Beach called Snowy Plover and they are endangered. It is assumed that there are only around 200 pairs of Snowy Plover left in Florida. Your dog might go unleash and start chasing the birds, making them frightened enough to leave the nests. To save the species, you can’t bring in dogs on Siesta Key Beach.


You should be concerned for the safety of not only your dogs but also the other visitors of the beach. If your dog is unleashed, any moment it might go crazy out of excitement and end up frightening other visitors.

On the other hand, your dog will be at risk of getting infected with any harmful parasites or bacteria, either from the beach or any other surrounding pets (if they were allowed). And swallowing salt or sand from the beach is also a potential threat for your pet.


To keep the beach free from any types of animal waste (even after sincerity) and make it more attractive to the visitors, no pets including dogs are not allowed on Siesta Key Beach. We can’t have complete control over the littering of a dog or so. And thus, the provision lies so.

Public Nuisance

An unleashed dog might be irritating to us from time to time if the owner doesn’t remain sincere or train his/her pet accordingly. Even if it’s not you, some other random owner might be in that shoe. And that, indeed, will create public nuisance, and end up decreasing the attraction of the Siesta Key Beach. Which none of us wishes.

Don’t be hopeless considering that you can’t bring in your pet dog along with you on Siesta Key Beach. The surrounding of Siesta Key Beach is amazingly dog friendly. There are even dog parks available nearby the beach so your puppy can have fun of their own.

Get a pet sitter while visiting Siesta Key Beach

While visiting Siesta Key Beach, you can easily make contact with a licensed pet sitter to take care of your pet for the time being. Though there is no pet store or pet care on the Siesta Key, they are available on the mainland in Sarasota. Try something like ‘’Fetch! Pet Care’’

Where do I take my dog’s near Siesta Key Beach?

Go on a walk

There are nearby dog friendly walking trails around the Siesta Key Beach area. Rather than taking a walk on the beach, you may choose any one of those and go there with your furry friend.

There are vibrant trails like Robinson Preserve, Celery Fields, and many more. While walking there, keep your dog leashed.

Visit dog parks

You will find some dog friendly parks also for your pet to have fun. Those facilities offer grassy fields, obstacle courses, and water fountains. Some might host kiddie pools as well. Your pet may roam there and make new friends.

The rules may differ from one park to another in terms of unleashing your dog or not. Check Brohard Paw Park, Lakeview Paw Park, Christopher Wheeler Off-Leash Dog park, or so and find your preference.

Dog friendly restaurants

Though not all of them, there are quite some restaurants in Siesta Key that allow your pet. Most outside seating places offer you that. Some restaurants like the Old Salty Dog even offer dog biscuits as well.

Nearby Dog Friendly Beaches

If you feel so desperate to take your dog on a beach while visiting the Siesta Key Beach, there are also some available options for you. Since you can’t bring your dog along on the very beach, you will have to travel a little further for a dog friendly beaches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if I take my dog to Siesta Key beach?

You are not allowed to take your dog to the very Siesta Key Beach. However, while visiting the beach, if you bring your dog along, you may:

Get in touch with a licensed pet sitter from the mainland and let him/her take care of your dog.

You may pick any of the nearby trails to go on a walk with your dog.

Visit any dog parks to amuse your puppy.

Go for any nearby dog friendly beach as well.

Are coolers allowed on Siesta Key Beach?

Simply the answer is yes. You may bring in your cooler and food on Siesta Key Beach. There are available picnic tables and picnic shelters for visitors.

Can I take my don on a leash in Siesta Key Beach?

On or off-leash, in no way you are allowed to take your pet dog on Siesta Key Beach.

Siesta Key Beach is widely known for its white and soft quartz-crystal sand. Sometimes, it is also referred to as ‘the finest, whitest sand beach in the world’ as well based upon the travelers’ voting. While visiting Siesta Key with your pet, you need a clear concept regarding are dogs allowed on Siesta Key Beach.
Though you can’t keep your dog along with yourself on the Siesta Key Beach, the surroundings of the beach are very dog friendly. Be assured of the dog policy of your staying place prior to confirming a booking as well.

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