Dog-Friendly Beach in Siesta Key

The gulf coast of Florida, specifically the whitish and soft sand of Siesta Key is a great place to have some leisure time. It offers you a wholesome package combining the wildlife of Florida, the amazing view of the Gulf of Mexico, and not to mention the Siesta Key beach itself.

Siesta Key holds a “no pet” policy applicable to public places like beaches, parks, playgrounds, school premises, buildings, etc. Therefore, you can’t take your pet to the 14 public beach access points in Siesta Key. However, there are 4 nearby beach facilities that are dog friendly: Brohard Paw Park, DeSoto National Memorial Beach, Bird Key Park, and Bayfront Park. Any other dog-friendly beaches near Siesta Key are more than 50 mi away!

Before starting to prepare yourself for the trip, go through this article. We will be focusing on the ultimate ways to comfort your dog on the trip.

My Leo watching me in Siesta Key Beach

4 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Siesta Key

If you are planning a trip to Siesta Key to enjoy the amazing view of the gulf alongside the shores and have some exceptional experience, you choose the right place.

However, if you are expecting a sunny beach time on the beach with your four-legged furry companions, The question is are dogs allowed in siesta key beach? we are extremely sorry to let you know that the Sarasota County Ordinance doesn’t allow any pets in any public areas.

You should be glad to know that, there are nearby beaches where you can have your dog with you and enjoy the time together. All you need to do is to travel a little further.

Apart from beaches, there are other options available in SiestaKey to entertain your dog as well.

1. Brohard Paw Park

It’s gonna take you a ride less than 20 mi. 18 to be exact. You will reach Brohard Paw Park within 30-40 mins with regular traffic starting from Siesta Key. 

This one is one of the most popular and dog-friendly beaches in Florida. It’s located in Venice, Fl. It comes with some amazing offerings as well.

If you wanna have fun here, there are picnic benches available. You can find drinking fountains as well. 

For your dog, this beach is like a paradise. And if yours is a social one, then its joy will know no bounds. The fur-parents that visit here are also friendly. There are leash poles for your pet. You may leave them off-leash as well. Another notable thing is that there is a great facility to wash your pet while both entering and exiting. Your dogs may even swim in the Gulf. 

However, while having fun with your pet, be aware of safety measures. Keep an eye on your dog not to swallow sand or salty water.

2. DeSoto National Memorial Beach

This beach is located in Bradenton. It’s something around 25 mi away from Siesta Key.

This place is a historical park with a small beach facility. This place is in the middle of the mangroves. 

By visiting here, you will get to enjoy the soothing view of Tampa Bay. There are nearby outdoor shower facilities as well. 

However, you must keep your dog on a leash here all the time. You will enjoy trail hiking here. There are restrooms and also a drinking fountain for dogs.

One thing must be mentioned here. Don’t confuse it with Fort Desoto Dog beach which is on the southernmost part of Tierra Verde. This beach is around 60 mi away from Siesta Key!

3. Bird Key Park

Bird key park situated at the exit of the south side of the John Ringling Causeway is around 9 mi away from Siesta Key Beach. Dogs are absolutely allowed here as long as they are kept on a leash. 

You can enjoy yourself here as well. There are pretty options available like fishing, bike trails, scenic pathways, two pavilions arranged with picnic benches, exercise stations, drinking fountains, etc. It also has a canoe or kayak launch facility. 

This park comes with enough parking space as well. You will love to spend your whole day staring at the crystal clear water of Sarasota Bay.

4. Bayfront Park

Situated by the Gulf of Mexico, this public access beach is around 22 mi farther from Siesta Key. This is quite a place for your family.

This beach comes with a playground as well. Though small in size, kids would love it. 

There is a restroom available for one person at a time and also picnic areas for BBQ and all. 

Lying on the beach, apart from enjoying the sunset, you may be lucky enough to see dolphins swimming. You yourself may swim as well.

Your dog may meet new mates here and enjoy themselves. The sandy beach is great to enjoy a sunbath as well.

Leo swimming

Safety measures for your puppy

While getting out of home or paying a visit to a new place with your dog, there are some precautionary measures to be taken to avoid any sort of unpleasant scenarios or at least to minimize the risk factors. Here are a few tips for your betterment:

  1. Right before getting out of your living place, you should ensure the identical owner info on your dog. If by any chance, your dog goes missing or goes beyond your reach, this info will give you a higher chance to get your dog back sooner. 
  2. After fixing your staying area, you need to sort out your rental place or a resort. In terms of doing so, you must have a crystal clear concept of the pet policy of that place. If you need anything special for your dog, let the authority know and ask them whether they themselves will arrange that for you or if you need to do that on your own.
  3. Ensure a pet first aid kit with you. It’s better to be cautious while you are away from home. At least keep gauze, adhesive, non-stick bandages, and hydrogen peroxide. Do get your vaccination and medical records updated and take them with you. Always get hold of the veterinarian’s contact details for any emergency.
  4. Take regular dog food with you so that there’s no need for any sudden changes in the food habit. This will be healthier for your dog. 
  5. To keep your dog hydrated, bring a water dish and a bottle of water exclusively for your dog.
  6. In cases and places, there might be a requirement for a six-foot leash on your dog. Keep an eye open for that.
  7. Since you will be in sunny places, you might want to take pet sunscreen as well for a protective layer on your pet. 
  8. According to this very reason, you might want to take dog booties with you to keep your dog paws away from any kind of harm on hot surfaces. If you feel uncomfortable on a surface walking barefoot, the same goes for your dog.
  9. Lastly, this is to ensure your dog has a friendly environment. Take your dog’s bedding or any favorite toys, so that even in a foreign place, it feels like staying at home. If you have anything like keeping a pet sitter for a while, in that case, these comforting items will come much handy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does Siesta Key allow dogs on the beach?

Simply, the answer is no. And the purposes are to keep the beach the way it is, ensure a more tourist-friendly environment, safeguard the wildlife, to keep the beach healthy and clean.

Final Words

Before fixing your destination, be aware of the possible activities and amenities of that place. This way, your trip will be smoother. Though you can’t take your dogs on beaches with public access in Siesta Key, there are other ways to entertain your dog in Siesta Key. On top of that, there are also nearby dog-friendly beaches that won’t even take you an hour’s ride.

One thing to mention, you may try Sarasota Boat Tours. This service is dog friendly. It will bring in an everlasting memory of crystal clear water with amazing sunset if timed accordingly for both of you and your dog. The duration of this cruise sailing varies, so be specific while booking. At last, be aware of signs like where dog beach ends or so!

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