Siesta Key Dog Friendly Restaurants

While on a family vacation or trying to travel solo, I am always willing to take my fur friend with me. The problem arises when not all places are pet-friendly. Due to health hazards, many restaurants don’t allow pets.

But while visiting Siesta Key I am almost tension free. There are lots of restaurants that accommodate dogs and other pets on their patio. Some are even open to entertaining them. I am not saying that you should visit these places just because they are pet-friendly. Along with being dog-friendly, the food is delicious.

In some of these places, I enjoy the most romantic dinners, and in others, I find great live kinds of music. If you are craving home food, you are here for a treat. Some family restaurants can be home to you and your dog.

14 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants

Take a look at some great restaurants in Siesta Key where you can take your four-legged friends. In these restaurants, you will find different cuisines including Italian, French, and Mexican.

The Cottage

The Cottage Pet Friendly Restaurant Siesta Key

The Cottage is located in the heart of Siesta Key. The restaurant has an acoustic vibe which goes perfectly with the Tropical environment. Most importantly the restaurant has an outdoor patio seating arrangement. If you are with your dog, then we suggest you sit on the patio. There you can enjoy the dining experience with your dog.

Even if you’re planning to sit inside, don’t worry. The restaurant has an arrangement on the patio where you can keep the leg on the leash. The menu of the restaurant is designed with Japanese and American cuisines. They have Lobster Sushi that you must try. Also, the seafood groupers and tacos are great in taste.

1. Island House Tap & Grill

Island House Tap & Grill is a restaurant where your dog will be equally entertained as you. The whole restaurant is decorated with warm lighting. The patio has a good arrangement to leave your dog while you enjoy your dining. Before you are welcome into the restaurant, water, and snacks will be served to your pet friend.

Island House Tap & Grill
Island House Tap & Grill

Not only is it good for your four-legged friends, but the restaurant has a delicious menu. From Guac n’ Chips to Mexican rice bowls, you can get it all. Tacos-burgers all are full of seafood items. The restaurant prepares food with fresh ingredients therefore it not only fulfills your hunger but also boosts your mood. And seeing your pet friend happy will definitely make you happy.

2. Spearfish Grille

Spearfish Grille is a restaurant that provides a cozy environment for your pet. The outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. Especially for your pet friend, they have arranged a warm patio. The restaurant has live music arrangements with an open mic. While you enjoy the music, your pet friend can enjoy the music from the warm patio.

Spearfish Grille
Spearfish Grille

The menu is full of local fresh fish. With the tropical style of the restaurant, pair Sushi Nachos on “the steps” with the music. If you want to try something special then go with Local Gulf Fish. The dish is prepared with freshly caught fish and paired up with any side dishes of your choice. It is a great restaurant to enjoy with your friends and family.

3. Siesta Key Oyster Bar

If you are a seafood lover and visiting Siesta Key, then you will end up dining in Siesta Key Oyster Bar. The place has amazing fresh seafood with live music. Among the shellfish, lobster, clamps, mussels, shrimp, and oysters are available.

Siesta Key Oyster Bar
Siesta Key Oyster Bar

The whole menu is composed of seafood. You can try their Siesta Key Extravaganza. Along with the seafood dishes you can also find beef and chicken dishes that are delicious to taste. If you have your fur friend with you, and you don’t know where to keep it while you are enjoying your dining, then don’t worry. Siesta Key Oyster Bar has got your back. The restaurant is pet-friendly. But to avoid health hazards you need to put your fur friend on a leash.

4. Daiquiri Deck

Daiquiri Deck is an amazing restaurant to enjoy in the heart of Siesta Key. It is a great place to spend time with your friends and enjoy drinks with amazing food. You can try their lobster pasta and Salmon Poke Bowl. You can pair up your meal with a frozen daiquiri. They also have different cocktails, mocktails, and pina coladas.

daiquiri deck siesta key
daiquiri deck siesta key

It is not just a place to enjoy with your human friend. On the patio, they have a very well-organized system where you can keep your pet. Even during the winter season, the patio is warm enough. If you want then you can request them to provide some treats for your dog. You can put a long leash on the dog and it will have space to roam around too.

5. The Old Salty Dog

When it comes to enjoying food with a great view then you can definitely visit The Old Salty Dog. In the restaurant, you can enjoy their seafood platters which are freshly collected from the local market. They also have sandwiches and hot dogs. Even the steak is delicious.

the old salty dog siesta key
The old salty dog siesta key

This is a place where everyone loves dogs. Whenever you are visiting a restaurant with your dog they have a special place for them. Before you are asked for your orders your dogs will be served food and water. They even have small toys that your puppies can play with.

6. 3.14 Pi Craft Beer & Spirit

3.14 Pi Craft Beer & Spirit is a great place to enjoy pizza, beer, and cocktails. The restaurant mainly serves foods like chicken wings, fries, sandwiches, and more. They are mainly working on beach food. They have a wide range of pizzas on the menu. All of them are prepared with fresh ingredients from local farms.

3.14 Pi Craft Beer & Spirit
3.14 Pi Craft Beer & Spirit

The patio is a large space that is well-decorated. On the patio, you don’t have to leave your dogs alone. Rather you can sit with them at the same table and enjoy the live music with drinks. You can ask for water for your dog and can even feed them by yourself. Your dog is going to enjoy the large space.

7. O’Leary’s Tiki Bar & Grill

If you want to enjoy your food on the beach then go to O’Leary’s Tiki Bar & Grill. It is a perfect place where the light breeze from the Gulf is going to touch your face and you are going to slip on your cocktail. Also if you want to try Gator Meat of Florida, then this is the best place to try. Along that the place has a menu full of sandwiches, burgers, and platters.

O’Leary’s Tiki Bar & Grill
O’Leary’s Tiki Bar & Grill

Your fur friend is going to enjoy the music and the open space. The place is very dog-friendly and it is not a closed space. Thus if you have a long leash, your dog is going to roam around and play on the sand.

8. Screaming Goat Taqueria

Mexican food on a tropical Island is always delicious and goes perfectly with the environment. If you are visiting with your pet, and craving great Mexican food, then you must go to Screaming Goat Taqueria. They have traditional Latin street food, tacos, rice bowls, and salad. Everything in this place is made from scratch so if you have any title restrictions or want to go for vegan foods let the chef know about it.

screaming goat taqueria sarasota
screaming goat taqueria sarasota

The place has outdoor seating where you can keep your dog safe. The restaurant will arrange a bowl of water for your dog. Don’t worry even if you sit indoors, you can still leave the dog safely on the patio.

9. Cafe Gabbiano

Cafe Gabbiano is an Italian fine-dining restaurant. The place is full of authentic Italian dishes. Also, they are one of the best seafood restaurants in the town. You can try the Squid Ink Shrimp Fraschini and Lobster ravioli. All the fruits are fresh and very delightful. You can even try traditional Italian desserts like Gelato.

Cafe Gabbiano
Cafe Gabbiano

In the case of fine dining restaurants, often pets are not allowed. But in the case of Cafe Gabbiano, you don’t need to find a dog seater or shelter to go on a date. The restaurant is very dog-friendly.

10. Village Cafe

Village Cafe is the most popular breakfast Cafe in Siesta Key. It is just in the heart of the Siesta Key Village. In this restaurant, you are going to get homemade muffins and cinnamon rolls. Oh so if you like Italian omelets you can order one.

village cafe siesta key
village cafe siesta key

Along with serving delicious food for its guests, the restaurant has a pet-friendly environment. On the outside patio, you can leash them and they will be treated well. All in all the whole restaurant is the ultimate tropical breakfast place.

11. Sun Garden Café

Sun Garden Café is a breakfast restaurant. The place has a lot of unique breakfast dishes. Their sweet potato pancakes, Cajun Eggs Benedict, and A.M. Cobbler is the local favorite. They also have some unique dishes like guacamole salad sandwiches and the Andys Way flower child jalapeño sandwich.

Sun Garden Café
Sun Garden Café

In the morning when you are seeking breakfast, you don’t have to leave your pet alone. Especially when you are out on a work trip with your dog, you can just pop on Sun Garden Café. The restaurant is pet-friendly. They don’t have servings for your dog but they will definitely offer water.

12. Another Broken Egg

Another Broken Egg is a local favorite Cafe. In this restaurant, you are going to find traditional breakfast dishes like pancakes, cinnamon rolls, Egg Benedict, Cream rolls, Bacon, and many more. If you want to try something healthy or vegetarian you can get that option too.

dog friendly restaurants  - Another Broken Egg
dog-friendly restaurants – Another Broken Egg

Most pleasantly this is a place where you can even take your fur-friend. The place is very cozy and open so that your pet can have a great time. Even if you want to have an afternoon just laying around with your dog and enjoying some food then you can definitely go to Another Broken Egg.

13. My Village Pub

My Village Pub started its journey to be a Sports Bar. In Siesta Key there are very few Sports Bars, so they wanted to introduce something new with good food and a good environment. The food menu is quite diversified. In this place, you are going to get nachos-tacos along with sandwiches and burgers. You can also get the rice bowl and Seafood dishes.

dog friendly restaurants  - My Village Pub
dog-friendly restaurants – My Village Pub

My Village Pub is not just a restaurant where humans can enjoy their time with good food and drink but they also entertain dogs and other pets. You are going to have a lovely time with your pets or you can leave your pets on the patio. They will be treated well.

14. Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar

For seafood lovers, Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar is one of the must-go places in Siesta Key. In this place, you are going to have the best Clam Chowder. All of their seafood dishes are delicious. Try the Fried Seafood Extravaganza. You can also try steamed, baked, and grilled oysters. The restaurant also holds live music.

Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar
Captain Curt’s Crab & Oyster Bar

And your dog can also enjoy the music from their outside patio. Even if you are indoors you don’t have to worry about safety. But you must have to put your dog on a leash.


Are dogs allowed in Siesta Key FL?

The soil and the sand found in Siesta Key Beaches are vulnerable to the formation of microorganisms. Therefore dogs and other pets are not allowed. But, there are beaches and parks where you can take them. South Brohard Beach Paw Park is one of them.

How dog-friendly is Siesta Key Fl?

Things To Do In Siesta Key Fl For Families

Except for the restriction on beaches, the whole town of Siesta Key is dog-friendly. You can take them for a walk. There are lots of restaurants where you can take them. But you need to make sure that no feces is left on the road. There are even parks that are dedicated to pets.

Are dogs allowed in Siesta Key accommodations?

There are lots of accommodations where you can spend the night with your dog or other pets. But you need to follow some rules and regulations. Therefore whenever you are planning to stay with your pets, make sure to discuss the matter with the authority.

Is there scuba diving in Siesta Key?

Yes, there is scuba diving in Siesta Key. The famous Point of Rocks is located on Siesta Key. Along with that, you can go to Artificial Reefs and Venice Beach for the adventure.

Final Words

Florida is a very friendly state for dogs and other pets. Unfortunately, due to safety hazards, there are lots of beaches on Siesta Key where you cannot take your dog or any other pets. The same theory goes for restaurants.

But after reading this post you won’t have to worry about dining in with your dog. There are lots of Siesta Key dog-friendly restaurants. We tried to pull out the best ones. If you are humble enough some of these restaurants are going to entertain your dog too. Most importantly the restaurants have arranged a warm environment for the pet while you enjoy your food.

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