Best Siesta Key Village Restaurants For Breakfast

When you are on vacation, breakfast and dinner become the important meal of the day. Lunch is a very uncertain dining due to moving. Therefore it is very important that you get to have a filling breakfast.

While you are in Siesta Key Village, there are lots of options to have a great breakfast experience. Places like Village Cafe, Sun Garden Cafe, or Bonjour French Café serve fresh and healthy breakfasts. 

There are many other fancy or budget restaurants in Siesta Key. Here we try to give you some options and tell you the menu they have in brief. So go through the post and get to know more about the places you can go for breakfast. 

12 Best Restaurants for Breakfast In Siesta Key

To start a day with energy and enthusiasm you need a healthy and filling breakfast. There are some great places in Siesta Key that serve great breakfast menus. Here we have put together a list.

1. Village Cafe

Village Café has been running its business in Siesta Key since 1995. It’s a family-owned business that is a favorite among the locals. In this place, you will get the best homemade muffins and cinnamon rolls. One of their featured dishes is an Italian omelet with Italian sausage, onion, tomato, and Mozzarella cheese.

If you like to go heavy on your breakfast then you can lean towards pancakes and breakfast burritos.

Village Cafe Siesta Key FL
Village Cafe Siesta Key FL

The breakfast burrito is filled with chorizo sausage, egg, and lots of cheese. From 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. their breakfast menu is open. You can even go there for brunch.

2. Sun Garden Café

Sun Garden Café is another local favorite breakfast place. You can go for both a heavy and light breakfast. They are mostly known for their creative names of the dishes like ‘Bikini Bagel’, or ‘Pops Country’. They also have many options in beverages like ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ or ‘Mango Bilioney’.

Sun Garden Café Siesta Key FL
Sun Garden Café Siesta Key FL

The place is mostly known for its environment. They have a pet friendly sitting arrangement. The indoor arrangement is also very friendly and retro style. The whole place will help you to boost up your morning.

Siesta Key Breakfast Restaurant

They serve breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. And you can even go for their brunch or lunch menu.

3. Bonjour French Café

French breakfast is always known as a delicacy all over the world. And if you are also a fan of French breakfast then Bonjour French Café is a must visit for you. You will get fluffy and buttery croissants, Quiche Lorraine, crepes, and many more.

Bonjour French cafe - Sarasota FL
Bonjour French Cafe – Sarasota FL

You are also going to love their freshly squeezed juices. You can even choose to have a Mimosa, which is the best in all of Siesta Key. The whole place is decorated with French paintings and they have French music in the background.


Anytime between 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., you can order from the breakfast menu.

4. Another Broken Egg Café

If you prefer something traditional or something fancy for your breakfast or both at the same time then you should visit Another Broken Egg Café. Here you can get pancakes and regular omelets. But if you are looking for something fancy try their Belgian waffles or Huevos Rancheros.

Another Broken Egg Café  - Siesta Key
Another Broken Egg Café – Siesta Key

Reviews say that their Chicken And Waffles, and Temon Custard French Toast are must try. For brunch, you can go for a Lobster And Brie Omelette or Cookie Dough Waffle. You can choose to dine in on the open patio or indoor setting. They are open from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for breakfast and brunch.

5. Toasted Mango Café

Toasted Mango Café is one of the cutest places to have breakfast. The whole place is decorated with mango-themed yellow color and a metallic shiny ceiling. Even though we are saying it is cute, it is also a very chic place at the same time.

Toasted Mango Cafe - Sarasota, fl
Toasted Mango Cafe – Sarasota, fl

This is a place where you can get American breakfasts like Corned Beef Hash and Eggs. But there you must try items that are made with mango. From French toast to pancakes, they are all in mango flavors.
To order anything from the breakfast menu, you need to come between 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

6. Lelu Coffee Lounge

To start a great day it is a must to have a great coffee. If you are wondering where to get the best coffee in Siesta Key, then our suggestion is to go to Lelu Coffee Lounge. Here you will get the best coffee from great beans and quality milk. The whole process of making coffee starts with picking out beans and then blending them.

Lelu Coffee Lounge - Sarasota Fi
Lelu Coffee Lounge – Sarasota Fi

You can pair up your coffee with some delicious pastries or desserts. Everything you get here is collected from local vendors. One interesting thing about the place is, along with breakfast pastries they also sell wonderful local art. So while getting your coffee you can get to do some retail shopping.

7. Nutritious You

If you’re looking for vegan food, then Nutritious You is your choice of restaurant. Everything here is made out of plant-based products. You can get amazing vegan French toast with tomato, guacamole, and sprouts.
Along with French toast, they have lots of tortillas, vegan hash, and more. Along with vegan food, all these dishes are gluten-free too. If you have any dietary restrictions you can let your waiter know.

Nutritious You Plant-Based Café
Nutritious You Plant-Based Café

They also have many vegan options for snacks. If you want to carry chips or fries to the beach you can take them. Everything you get here is homemade.

The environment of the restaurant is also very urban-styled. To get the breakfast menu you need to come between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After 2:00 p.m. you will start getting the lunch menu.

8. Original Word Of Mouth Café

Original Word Of Mouth Café is run by two sisters, who focus on serving great food to their customers. It is a small cafe serving great coffee and pastries. On the menu, you will get a variety of coffee and tea. Therefore even if you are a tea person you can get your beverage here.

Original Word Of Mouth Café
Original Word Of Mouth Café

Along with beverages, you will get baked pastries, cinnamon-spiced crepes, fresh fruits, and granola bowls. Also, you can get traditional breakfast options.

The whole Cafe gives a very cozy vibe. It is situated in a historic building. And the whole ancient creation gives an inviting atmosphere. You can sit down and enjoy your meal or can ask for takeout.

9. Dutch Valley

If you are looking for a sophisticated breakfast then Dutch Valley is where you go. In this place, you can get foods like biscuits, gravy and Egg Benedict, waffles, bacon and sausage, and many more options.
These foods will be served with toppings of your liking. The place can serve you the ultimate grandmother’s breakfast pleasure.

Dutch Valley restaurant Siesta Key
Dutch Valley restaurant Siesta Key

It is not overly decorated with Fancy stuff, rather it’s more decorated in a way to give you a homely atmosphere.

10. Millie’s

If you don’t mind going the extra mile for breakfast then Milie’s, worth the ride. In this place, you will get all kinds of American breakfast menus. From French toast to Hash Browns, to pancakes or something savory like waffles, bacon, and ham, you get it all.

millie's in siesta key
Millie’s in Siesta Key

They also make one of the best coffees on the island. And top of everything the coffee and other beverages are served on a need basis. You can have as many beverages as you want like a buffet.

It is a very friendly place and you will get the breakfast menu from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

11. Max’s Table

Max’s Table is mostly known for its American palette breakfast. Here you can get a fancy menu of Egg Benedict or breakfast Burritos. They have lots of options to mix and match.

Max’s Table in Siesta key
Max’s Table in Siesta Key

Here you can get poached eggs with French toast or lemon ricotta on the side. You can even ask for vegan salads for your breakfast at Max’s Table. Therefore it is safe to say that this is a place to get a versatile breakfast. From 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you will get the breakfast menu.

12. Siesta Sun Deck

Along with breakfast, it is a great place to go for brunch. Also if you are visiting on a budget you can have a filling breakfast on that pocket-friendly budget. You can ask for a sandwich, fries, and eggs for the branch.
If you are a student, don’t worry and visit the place.

Siesta Sun Deck
Siesta Sun Deck

Even though it is a pocket friendly place it doesn’t affect the taste. People who visited the place once reviewed that they have definitely gone back to the place for the second time. As we have said this is mainly a brunch please, so they open at 9:00 a.m. and run until 4:00 p.m.

Does Siesta Key have restaurants all day long?

Along with specialized restaurants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner you can also get some restaurants that are open from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. There are also some food stalls along the beach that sell snacks. We suggest you go to specialized places so that you can get the best food and avoid the rush.

Does Siesta Key have nightlife?

siesta key Night life

The nightlife of Siesta Key can be more exciting than the daytime. There are bars and clubs on the island which are open till midnight. They have amazing food and beverages along with live music.

What is the best way to enjoy Siesta Key shopping?

There is no person who doesn’t love shopping and snacking at the same time. And when you are in Siesta Key Village you are open to the snack heaven. You can find a lot of ice cream and dessert places. You can snack at these places and do shopping at the same time.

Can you drink in public in Siesta Key?

Drinking in public places in Siesta Key is allowed. You cannot miss behave or create chaos after drinking. It is punishable by law. Also, any sort of Glass container is not allowed on the beach. Therefore if you want to drink beer on the beach you need to buy a can.

Final Words

The list of restaurants for breakfast in Siesta Key is provided from the ratings and reviews. Therefore if you are confused about where to go and what to order, then here we tried to resolve your confusion.

One of the noteworthy points about these restaurants is that they all provide Fresh Food and beverages for breakfast. Therefore after having a heavy breakfast you are not going to feel fatigued and can enjoy your vacation at its best. So we wish you a happy vacation.

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