15 Best Siesta Key Italian Restaurants

Siesta Key is a place where you can get dishes of different cuisines. While some restaurants work with combined cuisines, others have a specific genre. Italian restaurants are one of the popular cuisines.

Either it’s lunch or dinner you are going to find an Italian restaurant serving authentic Italian dishes in Siesta Key. Whether you are Italian or not, you will appreciate the good food. And the relation of Italian dishes with seafood is very delicious. Thus we tried to feature some of the Italian restaurants of Siesta Key in this post for you to try.

Italian Restaurants Of Siesta Key

There are lots of Italian restaurants in Siesta Key. But to ensure you have a good food journey, here are the best Siesta Key Italian restaurants.

1. Cafe Gabbiano

When it comes to authentic Italian dishes in Siesta Key, the place you should go is Cafe Gabbiano. The whole place is decorated in an upscale Italian theme with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

Cafe Gabbiano. Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Cafe Gabbiano

Not only is the decoration gorgeous, but the food is delicious. They have dishes like Pollo Momma Lucia, Costolette di Vitello Parmigiana, and Lasagna Bolognese. Traditional dishes like OssoBuco Ravioli and Zuppa Di Vongoli are also on the menu. You are definitely going to like their Squid Ink Shrimp Fra Diavolo.

To pair up the delicious dishes, they also have great wines directly from Napa Valley. If you ask the manager, he will suggest which wine to pair with which dishes.

2. Marcello’s Ristorante

Marcello’s Ristorante is one of the best Italian restaurants near Siesta Key. They are very traditional in their Italian dishes. From collecting ingredients to preparing them, everything is done on a daily basis.
The restaurant doesn’t have a rigid menu. It changes every day. To give you an idea, you can get dishes like Antipasto Misto, Grilled Octopus, Beef Carpaccio, Burrata Shaved Truffle, etc. as starters. In the entree, you can get Lamb Ragu, Braised Pork Shank OssoBuco, Bahamian Lobster Tail Fra Diavolo, and many more. And of course, a great selection of wine to pair with your order.

Siesta Key Italian Restaurants
Siesta Key Italian Restaurants

3. La Dolce Vita

The owners and chefs of La Dolce Vita themselves belong to Italy. They grew up in Italy and learned cooking from their grandmothers. After coming to the USA they set up La Dolce Vita and are feeding people authentic Italian dishes.

From the menu, you can get Frittura Di Calamari, Bruschetta, and Calamaretti Saltati Con Colatura D’Alici from the appetizer section. They have pasta like Paccheri Ai Frutti Di Mare, Scialatielli Gamberi e Asparagi, and many more. You can also get seafood dishes like Frittura All’ Italiana. They have handmade Italian desserts. It’s a small Italy on your plate.

4. Sardinia Restaurant

Sardinia Restaurant is bringing you Italian flavors from the island of Sardinia to the island of Siesta Key. They use the wood oven to create an authentic Italian taste. Also, they used fish that are locally captured to make seafood.

Sardinia Restaurant, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Sardinia Restaurant

The appetizer menu is made of pecorino cheese with homemade carapace bread. The pasta and the sauces are also freshly made. All dishes have that smokey Italian flavor. Also, they have a great selection of wine.

5. Dolce Italia

Dolce Italia has expanded its business from Italy to the USA over the period of 10 years. It’s a family-owned business that introduces authentic Italian cuisine. Mostly their menu is focused on seafood. It is one of the best seafood restaurants near Siesta Key.

Dolce Italia Sarasota, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Dolce Italia Sarasota

On the appetizer menu, you can enjoy Melanzane Alla Parmigiana, Mussels Posillipo, Calamari Alla Mediterranea, and many more. The menu is full of seafood pasta. From mussels, clamps, calamari, lobster, and many more options in pasta dishes.

Along with seafood dishes you can also enjoy chicken and duck. The place also has great options for dessert. Their Tiramisu Al Caffe and Affogato Al Caffe are must try.

6. Pietro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar

Pietro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar is a very cozy intimate place to enjoy authentic Italian dishes. The place is very homely. If the bar is not crowded you will even be greeted by the owner. They are focusing on making this place where you enjoy your meal with authentic Italian dishes.

Pietro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Pietro’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar

On the menu, you are going to get delicious dishes like Calamari Fritti, Bruschetta, Caprese, and more. These are just appetizers. On the pasta dishes, you are going to get lots of options. They are a combination of seafood, chicken, and even vegetarian. Their best dish is Lasagna Con Carne. We also suggest you try their fish and veal dishes. You are going to love the place.

7. Napulé

When it comes to Italian food like pizza or pasta your go-to place is Napulé in Sarasota. They collect ingredients like fish and meat from local vendors or import them in special cases. Sauce to bread and desserts are all prepared in the house from scratch.

Napule Italian Food, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Napule Italian Food

If you want to know which dish to try in Napulé, then you can start with Tagliere Di Formaggi or Tagliere Di Salumi E Formaggi. There are lots of dishes that you can try. You get a variety of pasta and pieces. Also, they have Italian seafood platters. Even their vegetarian foods are delicious. It is really a good place to go with your friends and family.

8. IL Panificio

Sometimes visitors often crave something Italian along with an American twist. Keeping that in mind IL Panificio has organized its menu. In this restaurant, you can enjoy homemade Italian dishes that suit your American palette. Especially if you are a fan of Italian American food then this can be a place for you.

il panificio siesta key, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
il panificio siesta key

you can get Eggplant Rollatini, Fresh Tomato Basil Bruschetta, and Mozzarella Sticks. They also have different types of pizzas, salads, soups, Italian sandwiches, and many more. The Pizzas are hand-toasted. Even have dessert pizza on the menu. It is a very casual dining place where you can spend some quality time.

9. Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Most Italian foods are made by hand from scratch. Carrabba’s Italian Grill promotes the idea of making all the dishes from scratch by hand like it’s made in Italy. From meat to fish everything is collected from local vendors. Also, the dishes are prepared on a wood-burning grill to give that authentic smokey Italian flavor.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Carrabba’s Italian Grill

They have Chicken Bryan, Pollo Rosa Maria, Wood-Fire Grilled Steak and chops, and classic Italian Pasta dishes on the menu. Their Wood-grilled lamb T-bones is one of their signature dishes. Linguine Primavera is a special seasonal dish. If you are looking for dessert then you must try the Olive Oil Cake.

10. La Violetta

In La Violetta, you are going to have a casual rustic Italian kitchen vibe. It is a very small place that focuses on serving the dishes of Italy with fresh ingredients. The owners come from Italy and are fulfilling their American dream in Siesta Key. They prepare the dishes with their family recipes and it is definitely going to fulfill your cravings for Italian dishes.

la violetta sarasota, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
la Violetta sarasota

Their specialties are Blocchetto Di Foie Gras, Panna Cotta Di Gorgonzola, Polpo, and more. You can also try their Zuppa Di Lenticchie and Tirolese. The pasta menu is quite long and extensive. The freshly handmade pasta is turned into ravioli, spaghetti, and more. Try their Tiramisu and Coppa Caffe. These are delicious.

11. Flavio’s Brick Oven & Bar

At the heart of Siesta Key, you can find Flavio’s Brick Oven & Bar. When it comes to brick oven pizza and classic Italian cuisines no one can beat Flavio’s Brick Oven & Bar. The place is very casual where you can spend hours enjoying pizza with your friends.

Flavio’s Brick Oven & Bar, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Flavio’s Brick Oven & Bar

From Italian pizza to Huwaiin pizza you can get it all in one place. Even though they are the best in pizza still we suggest you try Salmone al Burro Bianco, Rigatoni alla Norma, Garganelli alla Diavola, and Gnocchi alla Bolognese. All these are very delicious and soul feeding.

12. Solarzanos Pizzeria Siesta Key

Suppose you are visiting Siesta Key with your partner or your friends and at midnight you are craving a delicious pizza or pasta with fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes, and many more Italian flavors.

In such a case Solarzanos Pizzeria Siesta Key is there to fulfill your desires till 4:00 a.m. in the morning. Their signature Pizza dishes are Sinatra, Bada Bing, The Godfather, and Rocky Balboa. Their baked hero is named Don.

Solarzanos Pizzeria Siesta Key, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Solarzanos Pizzeria Siesta Key

For your late-night cravings, you can also try baked ziti or spaghetti with meatballs, chicken parmesan, and footlong heroes on homemade Italian bread. All the foods are very delicious and it is definitely going to remind you of your mother’s cooking.

13. Venezia Italian Restaurant

When it comes to the number of pizzas on the menu, Venezia Italian Restaurant comes to the top. They have more than 20 different pizzas on the menu that you can try from. Also, the cheese on the top of the pizzas is mostly homemade or collected directly from Italian vendors.

Venezia Italian Restaurant, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Venezia Italian Restaurant

Along with pizzas the restaurant also offers pasta and other classic Italian dishes. Suggest you to try Bruschetta Crostini and Antipasto Italiano. Also, they have pasta dishes featuring seafood. The restaurant has a lot of options in all the possible genres of Italian cuisine. We suggest you visit the place with your friends and family or your loved ones.

14. Mediterraneo

Mediterraneo is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Siesta Key. They are serving seafood Italian dishes. The restaurant has been a local favorite since 1996. From pizza to pasta everything is made from scratch and prepared in a brick oven.

Mediterraneo Italian Restaurant, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Mediterraneo Italian Restaurant

Also if you are craving for grilled fish with an Italian twist then Mediterraneo is your go to place. They also have lots of options for vegetarians and kids. All in all, it is a very cozy place to go for dinner or lunch. Their long existence in the market ensures that they serve quality food along with quality service.

15. Le Colonne – St Armands

If you are looking for a place where you can have a delicious Italian dinner along with outside seating arrangements to spend quality time with your friends and family then you can go to Le Colonne – St Armands. The staff are very friendly and the whole environment is cozy.

Le Colonne - St Armands, Siesta Key Italian Restaurant
Le Colonne – St Armands

This place has a whole menu dedicated to homemade pasta. So we suggest you try their Gamberi e Arugula, Ravioli Di Ricotta E Spinaci, Spaghetti Di Mare Eleonora, and Pasta e Fagioli. Also, they have desserts. You must try them.


Is Siesta Key good for couples’ dinners?

There are lots of restaurants in Siesta Key where you can have delicious and romantic dinners. You can enjoy cuisines from different parts of the world. If you are looking to propose or celebrate any special occasion with your partner, then a restaurant along the beach or a waterfront view. 

Why are Italian places closed on Mondays in Siesta Key?

Not all but very few Italian restaurants have a weekend on Monday. This is because the staff works a long schedule on the weekends to make your travel more delicious with good food. 

Are Italian restaurants open till Midnight?

You are craving pizza in the middle of the night. There are some pizza places serving authentic Italian pieces open till 4:00 a.m. in the morning. You can visit the restaurant or you can ask for delivery service. 

Final Words

Italian dishes always pair well with seafood. In Siesta Key you are going to have lots of places where you are going to enjoy the best Italian seafood dishes. Some of the places we mentioned here are in the heart of Siesta Key and others are near Siesta Key. 

Even if you need to walk a mile, it will be worth it to enjoy the dishes. The foods are prepared with homemade flavors and ingredients. Therefore you get the best of seafood and fresh ingredients.

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