15 Best Siesta Key Restaurants On The Water

While visiting tropical places like Siesta Key, Florida, visitors look for dining along the side of the water. They want to enjoy nature and the silent breeze from the waterways. Ultimately the dining experience gets filled with relaxation.

Keeping the idea of relaxation and soothingness I tried to suggest some waterfront and beach restaurants for different times of the day. These restaurants serve healthy and fresh food along with great views.

Top Waterfront Restaurants In Siesta Key

If you are in Siesta Key and don’t want to leave the enjoyment of the beach to get food, then here are a few options you can try.

1. Dry Dock Waterfront Grill

Enjoying locally caught seafood in a diner along the beach is something you must be looking forward to while visiting Siesta Key. In Dry Dock Waterfront Grill you can get freshly caught Florida Grouper, Red Snapper, Coconut Shrimp, and more. They also have combo menus that you can enjoy with friends and family.

dry dock waterfront grill sarasota
dry dock waterfront grill Sarasota

It is a great place to go for casual dining and enjoy the beauty of the sea. The deck of the restaurant is roofless. Therefore you can enjoy the beauty of the afternoon and the sunset from the restaurant while enjoying a glass of wine.

2. Beach Club Siesta Key

Beach Club is the ultimate nightlife of Siesta Key. They have a huge collection of cocktails, wine, beer, and many more beverages. The most interesting fact about the Beach Club is they have live music till midnight. They’re just on the coastal line, therefore you can grab a drink from the bar and walk along the beach.

Beach Club Siesta Key
Beach Club Siesta Key

You can also have dinner there. They have foods like Cheese Quesadillas, Cheeseburger Sliders, Crispy Clam Strips, Beach Bites, Pizza, etc. On Wednesday they arrange ladies’ night, Sink or Swim on Thursdays, and half-off specials on Mondays.

3. Lido Beach Grille

Lido Beach Grille is part of Lido Beach Resort. You can have both a fine dining experience and casual dining in the same place. They have a great menu including sticks and seafood. From Breakfast to Dinner they serve it all.

lido beach restaurants on the water
lido beach restaurants on the water

The most exciting thing about the restaurant is the view. It is just along the beach and you can just eat here with a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset. During the daytime, the whole town is visible from the window of the restaurant. It looks like a postcard picture.

For a great day, you need a great morning. And for that, enjoying breakfast while a gentle breeze touches your face and hair is a great option. Here are some suggested restaurants you can take a look at for such a pleasant breakfast.

Waterfront Restaurants in Siesta Key
Waterfront Restaurants in Siesta Key

4. Pop’s Sunset Grill

In Pop’s Sunset Grill, you can get traditional breakfasts like Egg Benedict, lobster Benedict, Veg Omelette, Avocado Toast, and many more traditional breakfasts. They also have vegan options for breakfast.

Pop's Sunset Grill
Pop’s Sunset Grill

The whole place is located just on the water body. Therefore if you are going there for breakfast then you can enjoy the soothing breeze. This helps in starting a great morning and your whole day can be full of enthusiasm. The restaurant opens for breakfast from 8:00 a.m. You can also go there for brunch on Sunday.

5. Gulf Drive Cafe

If you like water from restaurants then you are definitely going to like restaurants where you can enjoy the beach while having breakfast. Gulf Drive Cafe is a restaurant which is located on the beach of Siesta Key.

Gulf Drive Cafe
Gulf Drive Cafe

The place opens at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Therefore you can come early, enjoy the mild sun rays and start the day with a healthy and filling breakfast. Here you can get Omelette, English Muffin, Steel-Cut Oatmeal, a variety of Toast, and a lot more options. They are Benedict and Buttermilk pancakes are a must try.

6. Another Broken Egg Cafe

It is a great place to start your morning with an eye catching view. More than the view, it serves a great breakfast menu. They are mostly known for their plate size pancake, strawberry pound cake, French toast, Belgian waffles, and Mardi Gras omelets.

Another Broken Egg Cafe
Another Broken Egg Cafe

This place is also a great option for brunch. Their brunch cocktails are one of a kind. You can also have their seasonal menu which is prepared from seasonal ingredients which are freshly collected from local farmers.

Enjoying a meal with an outdoor view in a waterfront restaurant is always relaxing. It can be lunch or dinner. Thus here are some options we ask you to take a look at.

7. Ophelia’s on the Bay

Ophelia’s on the Bay is one of the most exquisite waterfront restaurants of Siesta Key. Just by sitting in the restaurant, you can enjoy the tropical birds of Mangrove Island and dolphins leaping on the water. If you are not planning to go on Dolphin Cruise then go to Ophelia’s on the Bay.

Ophelia’s on the Bay
Ophelia’s on the Bay

They have a rotating menu. Where every day you will find something special. The dishes are made of fresh seafood and ingredients from the local farm. They have a great wine selection from Napa Valley in their wine cellar. You can even book the place for weddings.

8. Summer House Steak & Seafood

Along with a great view from Summer House Steak & Seafood, you are going to get the best food from Siesta Key. If you are looking for a cozy environment to dine in with your family and friends then this is a must go place.

Summer House Steak & Seafood
Summer House Steak & Seafood

If you are there and confused about what to order then feel free to go with colossal lobster tail and the diver scallops. On top of that, you can order a charcuterie board as an appetizer. They also have wine and other cocktail drinks you can enjoy.

9. Clayton’s Siesta Grille

Clayton’s Siesta Grille is one of the locals’ favorite restaurants. It is just by the water with a refreshing breeze. The relaxing patio will recharge you in no time. The whole place has an acoustic vibe that makes it perfect for both fine dining and casual dining.

Clayton’s Siesta Grille
Clayton’s Siesta Grille

The food served is all locally sourced. You can try Clayton’s Siesta Grille. Also, Macadamia Crusted Grouper is a local favorite. If you are a vegetarian then don’t worry. Clayton’s Siesta Grille also serves vegetarian options. They are as good as the regular menu.

10. The Cottage

The Cottage is not only located in the heart of Siesta Key. But its food is in the heart of the people. The whole place is elegant and charming. Either an occasion you want to celebrate or a romantic dinner, you must go to The Cottage. The place is designed to provide Old Florida charm with new ideas.

the cottage siesta key
the cottage siesta key

The seafood is freshly caught by the local fishermen. Thus you get to enjoy the savory taste of the sea. If you are confused you can go with the tuna poke tostadas, edamame hummus, and tuna tacos simi.

In this place, you can enjoy soft music with a glass of wine and get a great closer to the day.

11. Spearfish Grille

Here you can have a delicious meal and look into the natural beauty of the Gulf Of Mexico. The restaurant will give a vibe like it is situated on a deck, where you were fishing and now having those fish as lunch or dinner.

Spearfish Grille
Spearfish Grille

Spearfish Grille serves casual and fresh seafood in a pocket friendly price range. You can even enjoy their juicy steak. Also, you can have sushi nachos, Ahi Tuna Sandwich, Cheese Gulf Shrimp, or Grits. The food goes perfectly with the waterfront view.

12. The Seafood Joint – Market & Grill

The view from the Seafood Joint is stunning. No matter how stressed you are, the waterfront is going to make you relax. It is a great place to enjoy a meal and spend some quality time with your partner, family, or friend. It is located just by the Village.

The Seafood Joint – Market & Grill
The Seafood Joint – Market & Grill

They have a great seafood menu. You can enjoy their mussels dishes. An interesting factor is, they serve a special menu and drinks like Taco Tuesday, Beer Thursday, Friday Fish Fry, and more. Even though they are specialized in fresh fish, you can get steak and chicken items too.

13. Marina Jacks

Marina Jacks is a restaurant known for their award-winning wine list and seafood menu. The wines are collected from the vineyards and the seafood is brought locally. Thus you get the freshest food possible. You can try their filet mignon, jumbo prawn cocktail, and Marine lobster tail if you are confused about what to get.

Marina Jack Restaurants
Marina Jack Restaurants

The waterfront of the restaurant is Intercoastal Water Way. You can pair up any wine or ask for recommendations, and enjoy the view while eating the food. They have a marina patio and bar. This is also a great place to relax alone or with the company.

14. The Boatyard Waterfront Bar & Grill

Whether you want to relax on the reef bar or a private banquet room, The Boatyard Waterfront Bar & Grill has it all. It can give you the ultimate waterfront relaxation place on the island of Siesta Key. The indoor and outdoor area has a waterfront atmosphere. It has the Old Florida view.

As soothing as the view is, the food is also great. They serve seafood and to complete your dining you can order cocktail drinks. You can get Mahi Mahi Piccata, Snow Crab, Blacked Red Fish, Pasta, Wings, and many more. They have traditional Florida dishes with seafood.

15. Turtles Restaurant

How do you use either?

Whether you want to enjoy the view of Sarasota Bay from outdoor seating or just want to enjoy the breeze of the bay from inside, your go to place is Turtles Restaurant. The restaurant has been in business since 1985. And till now it is in growing business due to its quality.

turtles restaurant in siesta key
turtles restaurant in siesta key

The menu is balanced with light and heavy dishes. For lunch, you can have Turtle Wedges, Salads, Sandwiches, and more. For fine dining, you can go with Seafood Platters or Steaks. All the food on their menu is delicious and fresh.


What is the nicest part of Siesta Key?

The nicest part of Siesta Key is Siesta Key Beach. Along the beach, there are restaurants, picnic spots, a volleyball court, shades Playground, and concession stands. It is all in one place.

Where do locals go on Siesta Key?

In Siesta Key most locals go to Crescent beach or Turtle beach. The restaurants in bars are also not overcrowded for this reason. You might get fresher food in the restaurants in this place.

Do they sell food at Siesta Key Beach?

There are concession stands along the beaches. These stands sell snacks and drinks. But you won’t find anything in glass bottles or containers. Carrying a glass bottle or container on the beach is illegal.

Final Words

Enjoying a delicious meal with a great view is always pleasing. Thus we gave you a list of fine restaurants. In some of these restaurants, you might need to follow up on the menu before going as they have a seasonal menu.
Some of these restaurants even have vegan and gluten free options. But still, we suggest before ordering any meal take a look into the ingredients if you are allergic to seafood. Happ

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