Siesta Key Bachelorette Party : Ideas & Itinerary

Every bride and groom wants their Bachelorette party to be one of a kind. It’s such that they will enjoy the last few days of their bachelor life. If you are planning a destination bachelorette party then you must take a look at Siesta Key.

You can safely say that it is a party place. The beaches are great to enjoy. Even after the party you can do lots of other stuff that can make your stay memorable. Take your group on bike rides, shopping, festivals, cruise trips, and many more. 

Let’s take a look through the whole article and you will get to explore what are the other things that you can do while you stay for a bachelor party along with doing parties. Hope we will help you to have a great time.

Is Siesta Key Good For A Bachelorette Party & Why?

Sister key has things to offer when it comes to partying on the beach. Especially when it’s a bachelorette party then you come up with your friend and get to enjoy the whole Island. Here are some reasons why you should hold your bachelor party in Sister key.

  • The place has many options to offer when it comes to clubs and bars. 
  • Compared to other destination party places, the food and stay are pocket friendly.
  • Regarding the weekend bachelor party, everything is within walking distance of the beaches.
  • You can even party on the beach till midnight and a bit after that. 
  • There are lots of other sources of entertainment other than beaches in Siesta Key. 
  • Some places can even provide you with car parking and a pet-friendly environment.

Now you know why you should choose Siesta Key as your bachelor party destination, here are some more things that will help you to plan the party.

8 Things To Do For Siesta Key Bachelorette Party Itinerary

In Siesta Key you can plan your bachelor party for a long weekend, a short weekend, or just a day trip. Depending on the length of the trip, you can decide what activities you want to do. But to make your choice a bit easier we are giving you a list of things that you can enjoy with your groomsmen or bridesmaids.

Arrange A Themed Bachelor Party At The Beach 

There are several clubs and bars around the beach which can accommodate bachelor parties. Beach Club is one of the most prominent clubs near the beach that can accommodate your party.  

Many other options where you can accommodate your wedding party and hold the bachelor party at the same place.

But if you are looking to arrange a theme bachelor party at the beach here are the following steps that you can take to make the party a more hustle free and successful party.

Step 1: Choose the theme of your bachelorette party 

Just because you’re holding the bachelor party beside the beach it doesn’t have to be a beach theme. You can go for anything you want. For example, if the bachelorette is for a bride you can go with a Disney theme or if it’s for the groom it can be a Cowboy theme.

Step 2: Choose the venue

Once you have decided on the venue, you can contact the clubs and bars that host bachelorette parties. Ask them if they can accommodate your theme and what they are and what addons they can provide.

Step 3: Book the place

Once you get your venue for your themed party, you can book the place ahead for your date. Read the terms and conditions for cancellation from their side and your side properly.  

With this, you have a Bachelorette theme party ready. If you want you can do the decoration by yourself or most of the venues have their own decoration to offer as per your instruction.

Go For A Spa Day

Taking your bachelor group for a spa day is like Cherry on the top, which you can’t miss. For this, you can find a lot of spas, even on a budget. Here are some suggestions that we would like to make for you to enjoy your Spa day.

  • Massage Experience Siesta Key: It is located at 5138 Ocean Blvd. They offer designated treatment for your skin type. These treatments create a glow on your full body. They also have a variety of massages. 
  • LaPlaya Spa: If you are looking for a full glow up then LaPlaya Spa is your go to place. It gives a full glow. The Spa is located at 5212 Ocean Blvd #3, Siesta Key, FL. You will find facial, dermaplaning, hair treatments, and full on bridal and bridal party styling. 
  • Sassy Hair Salon: Even though Sassy Hair Salon specializes in hair styling and treatments, you can get every other thing including your nails done in this place. Females can even order waxing from their menu. It is located at 209 Beach Road.
  • Hands of Light: If you want to have specialized massage therapy to relax or to take care of specific pain in your body then Hands of Light is your gem. You can choose anything from a couples massage, deep tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular, and aromatherapy massage. Hands of Light is located at 5255 Ocean Blvd.

Rent Boat Or Cruise  

Renting a board or Cruise can be done online. You don’t have to be there physically. Making trips on a boat or Cruise is a lot of fun. You can travel through the whole Island in a day and even enjoy the sunset laying on the deck. 

The price of the rent can start from $600 per group. Higher the price range you go for the luxurious Cruise or boat you can enjoy. You can even book them in hourly or per day accounts. Even some of these boats and Cruises, have Kayak boats. You can sail them yourself and enjoy the trip more adventurously. 

Shopping Or Enjoying The Festivals 

Shopping with your group of friends on a siesta key while you are there for a long weekend, can be very therapeutic and relaxing. Moreover, if you are a fan of exquisite and authentic things, then you can even enjoy shopping more.

Every Sunday the Siesta Key Village hosts festivals. At the festival, you will find small vendors that are selling local products. Also, you will find beautiful jewelry, clothing, home decor, and many more.

You can even gift the wedding party some souvenirs from these local vendors. They can use them as a day to day or can keep it a memory of your wedding. And not to mention the price is very pocket friendly, to begin with.

Cozy Dining Places

For all kinds of parties, whether it’s a long weekend or not, food is a very important part. Here is a listing of places where you can take a look for a group to dine in.

  • Connors Steak & Seafood: It is a great place to dine in for gourmet foods. You can have great fresh seafood. Even if you want to have steak or salad you can find it here.
  • Tripletail Seafood & Spirit: This restaurant promises to serve your food from locally sourced products. It ensures that the food is fresh and healthy.
  • Clayton’s Siesta Grille: A destination bachelor party is very costly. But if you want to save some money and still have a great food experience then you must visit Clayton’s Siesta Grille. Foods are prepared with the finest ingredients keeping health in mind.   

The three restaurants mentioned here are friendly for group dining. If you want to reserve the whole restaurant you need to do pre-booking. Otherwise, you can go there and order from the menu. 

Try Rental Bike Trips

A great way to tour the land is by E-bike. Especially during the sunset you can ride on the bike and enjoy nature with your friends. To ride the e-bikes you do not need to have special skills. Your guests only get tired of the tour and enjoy the party of the night.

The bike tours are getting more attention from the Travellers of Siesta Key as they can enjoy the time themselves. If you have a large group of friends for your party, then it is best to book the bikes ahead of time. That way everyone gets a bike without facing any crisis at the moment. 

Must Visit The Village

Even for the Bachelorette party, visiting the Village can be a great experience. On the weekend, the village arranges festivals with fare and music. You will see people selling local foods and items. 

The live music will hold your attention towards them. Sometimes your party can even join the Music festival and play guitar or sing a song. The whole thing gives a different beach vibe that your group is going to love. 

In the shops of the village, you will see exquisite jewelry made of stones and pearls. If the theme of your wedding is the beach, then you can definitely buy your wedding jewelry in the Village stores. 

Enjoy The Nightlife 

The nightlife of the Siesta Key is going to be more delighted with the presence of your friends. There are great bars and clubs along the beach that offer drinking, dining, and live music. The whole combo is going to complete your bachelor party.

Here is a list of some bars and clubs that you can take a look at.

  • The Beach Club: We cannot but include the Beach Club at the top of our lists. It is just by the beach and you can throw your hands up in the air while having a glass of drink in your hand. The live music and the bar is a great combo here. Especially when you are with your friend the vibe takes a different turn. Even if you don’t want to dine in the same place, everything is just within walking distance. 
  • Captain Curt’s Sniki Tiki: It is a tropical themed bar. It has a great outdoor space where you can hang out with your friends. This is a bar where you can find ice-cold cocktails, and domestic, import, and craft beer. It runs a Happy Hour from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  
  • Siesta Key Oyster Bar: At the heart of Siesta Key village you can find Siesta Key Oyster Bar. At this place, you can both dine in and enjoy Happy Hours. The Happy Hours start at 3:00 p.m. and run till 6:00 p.m. It stays open till Midnight on weekdays. And during Friday and Saturday, It stays open till 2:00 a.m. in the morning. 

Siesta Key Bachelorette Party: Where To Stay

To have a pleasant bachelor party it is very important to ensure that you have a good place to stay. And the place must have the capacity to accommodate your whole group. Here are some suggestions that might help you.

  • Island House

Island House is a place with 7 bedrooms that can accommodate about 21 guests at a time. It is just a 6 minutes walk from the beach. It will give a full homely vibe which has a kitchen included. It also has a hot tub and a private pool. And it’s a pet-friendly place. 

  • The Pool House

The Pool House is a 5 bedroom place with an amazing backyard. The place consists of a private heated pool and spa, a private tiki hut, and a huge backyard with Tropical Landscaping. They also offer car parking. If you want you can barbecue in the yard, it is all included in the establishment. It is also a pet friendly place. 

  • Mainsail

Mainsail Is a 4 bedroom place. Its exclusivity is its waterfront home with dock and boating access. It also consists of a covered pool patio with a bar, a game room off the pool with gaming consoles and seating, and parking for up to 5 cars. It is a luxury please with all the possible requirements you can ask her. 

Siesta Key Bachelorette Party Itinerary

By now from the whole article you got some idea about what are the things you can do in your bachelorette party in Siesta Key. Now let us help you a bit more and tell you how a whole day of bachelorette can be planned.

  • Make Your Bookings

If you are planning a destination bachelorette party, you need to start with making books. Especially if you have a large number of people. Book the place to stay, book where you wanna do your dinings and everything. 

  • Check In 

After reaching Siesta Key in the morning, the first thing to do is checking in. Speak with the authorities about your priorities during your stay. Clear up if there is any confusion.

  • Go For A Brunch

In a bachelorette party, it is very important to utilize time. That’s why you can go for brunch. You can do it in the place you are staying in or in the cafes we suggested.

  • Go For The Beach 

After finishing off with dining, we suggest taking a troll along the beach for a while. This will help you relax and proceed for the further party.

  • Go For Shopping

No matter what party it is, bridal or groom, everyone likes to shop. So take your party to the village. There are lots of shops with exquisite items.

  • Go For A Massage

A massage in the afternoon can be very relaxing. It will make you feel fresh and energetic. There are many massage parlors. Choose one with your priority. 

  • Attend The Party

Partying along the beach with live music is the ultimate goal of the party. You can even plan a theme party. Always call on the bar or cafe, where you have arranged the party, to ensure they are ready to serve you.

  • Call It A Night With A Troll

Once the party is over, you can go for a long walk, if they haven’t partied hard. Along the way you can have nice desserts like fudge or ice cream. And it will be a great end to a great day.


Is Siesta Key a good place for a bachelorette party?

Fortunately Siesta Key is a great place in Florida where you can arrange a great bachelor party. You are looking for a long or short trip, you will have lots of things to enjoy rather than only staying on the beach.

Is Siesta Key a party town?

You can call Siesta Key a party town. There are bars and clubs lining the beaches. They offer late nights and live music to enjoy your drink with. The whole place is very safe if you want to enjoy the beach late at night and have your own party. 

Is Siesta Key private?

There are about 14 + private beaches in Siesta Key. But if you want to pay a visit to a private beach, that is also available. For booking the private beaches you will need to contact the owner. While some are available online, others need personal contact.

Final Words

Siesta Key is great for all kinds of parties. If you can plan properly then the Siesta Key bachelor party can be lit. There are lots of activities that you can include while on the island. We have already discussed them in brief.

We hope you have a great party on the beach and get to do all the stuff that you are meant to do while on the beach.

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