Siesta Key Beach Parking Spaces: Everything You Need To Know

While focusing on the sugar soft sand and turquoise water of Siesta Key, you must be planning to spend a couple of days there with your family or friends (pets or whatsoever). And beach trips like this include numerous handy stuff like a cooler, grill machine, etc. Thus, the whereabouts of the parking facilities in Siesta Key is something that you must be aware of.

Apart from the public Beach Access 3, 10, 11, & 13, all other public beach accesses come with free parking facilities though the number of vehicle capacities differ from one to another. Don’t be hopeless. The beach points are nearby to each other and to the Siesta Village. Therefore, you may park either in the municipal parking lot of the village or in any other nearby beach access and then take a short walk to your preferred beach. There are also some paid parking spots available surrounding the beaches. Be aware of the fact that Beach Access 2 has only a single ADA parking space (partial parking).

In this article, we will be covering paid parking options like metered parking spaces and private parking lot as well. You may use the parking space with permission only as well. Choose whatever suits you the most.

Parking in Siesta Key public beach access points

There are 14 public beach access points in Siesta Key. Leaving the few that have names, twelve of the fourteen points are addressed numerically. However, there is no Beach Access 6, and that brings us to public beach access 1 to 13. Apart from the Siesta Key main beach, there is another public beach access called Turtle Beach.

Siesta Key Beach Parking Spaces
Siesta Key Beach Parking Spaces

From the following discussion, you will learn about the location of these public beach accesses in Siesta Key along with the parking facilities of these beaches. A thing to remember is that all the available parking facilities with these beaches are free. It’s always better to visualize upcoming limitations so that you can prepare prior to facing them.

Siesta Key Beach

No need to say that, Siesta Key’s main beach is the most attractive beach in Siesta Key. Therefore, it attracts more visitors than others which requires a spacious parking place. No need to be disappointed. It has a parking place that is able to accommodate around 900 vehicles.

Siesta Key Beach Parking
948 Beach Rd, Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA

Sounds huge, right? Don’t get too optimistic too! During the season of Siesta Key, you will find difficulties to grab a space if you arrive late. So it’s wise to arrive early.
You will find this beach access at 948 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242.

Turtle Beach

This is a unique beach in Siesta Key that hosts loggerhead turtles during their nesting season. Therefore, it has another level of attraction. Though it is less crowded compared to Siesta Key main beach, it also has a fanbase among the visitors. There is an attached parking lot that offers around 300 parking spaces.
This beach is located at 8918 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242.

Turtle Beach Parking
Turtle Beach Parking

Beach Access 1

Public beach access 1 in Siesta Key is the nearest beach to Siesta Key’s north bridge. As it is a less known beach, it has limited parking spaces. It can serve up to 8 vehicles for parking. This is a calm place to enjoy the boat traffic entering the Gulf of Mexico from Sarasota Bay.
The location of this beach access is 3940 N. Shell Road, Sarasota, FL 34242 (At end of Shell Rd, off of Higel Ave).

Beach Access 2

This beach access is renowned for the broken and abandoned pier at its shore. Local youth and visitors love to roam around the rocky surroundings here. However, it has no parking facility but a single ADA space only. In terms of regular parking, you need to look for other options. You will find this public beach access 2 at 10 Beach Rd., Siesta Key, FL 34242 (Beach Rd & Avenida Messina).

Beach Access 3

Unfortunately, this public beach point has no parking space. Yet it attracts numerous tourists and even destination wedding parties.
This beach access is located at 100 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242 (Beach Rd & Columbus Blvd). Since it’s just a short walk west of Siesta Village, you may easily use the available parking lots in that village and take the short walk to this beach point.

Beach Access 4

Beach Access 4 is famous for its spacious shore and some distinctive tidal pools. However, this beach offers limited parking space, only 4-6 vehicles. Worry not, a larger parking facility is available at public beach access 7 is nearby. This beach is found at 180 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242 (Beach Rd & Avenida Navarra).

Beach Access 5

Similar to Beach Access 4, this beach also features some tidal pools. But it offers more parking spaces, 20 to 30 vehicles can easily fit here.
Public beach access 5 is located at 200 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242 (Beach Rd & Ocean Blvd).

Beach Access 7

To access this public beach point in Siesta Key, you will have to go through a patch of wildlife of Florida. It has a parking lot that can house up to 40 vehicles. Public beach access 7 is stationed at 402 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242.

Beach Access 8

Similar to Beach Access 7, Beach Access 8 also offers a parking lot that can fit up to 40 vehicles.
Located at the south of Siesta Gulf View Condominium, the exact location of this beach point is 471 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242.

Beach Access 9

This beach is capable of hosting 20 vehicles and is quite long to access. To get to this beach point, you will experience the widest patch of Florida’s protected wildlife.
Beach Access 9 is located at 507 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242 (Nearest Cross Street: Plaza De Las Palmas).

Beach Access 10

Similar to Beach Access 3, this beach point has no parking facility. Therefore, you need to be prepared to manage other means of parking your car.
You will find this beach point at 564 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242 (Cross Street: Calle Del Invierno).

Beach Access 11

Unfortunately, you won’t have any parking facilities in Beach Access 11 as well. However, it is on the north end of Siesta Key’s main beach and you may use the parking of the main beach to enjoy beach access 11.
Public Beach, Beach Access 11 is at 690 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242 (Cross Street: Avenida Del Mare).

Beach Access 12

Good for you, Beach Access 12 offers a parking area of around 20 vehicles. But, since this beach access is quite narrow, it will require sincere and cautious parking. Stay alert. Sometimes referred to as Crescent Beach, Beach Access 12 is at 6490 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242 (Cross Street: Old Stickney Point Road).

Beach Access 13

This beach point is familiar among many people as it is located near the home of Siesta Key by MTV. Though this beach point has no parking, the Beach Access 12 is nearby. And you can use that parking lot while sunbathing in Beach Access 13. Public beach access 13 is addressed at 1000 Point of Rocks Road (Cross Street: Midnight Pass Road).

Parking apart from the public beach access points in Siesta Key

From the aforesaid discussion, it is quite clear that you can’t have an attached parking lot with every public beach access point. Will that refrain you from accessing those points with a car? Obviously, no! There are numerous ways to park your vehicle apart from the public parking lots available in these beach points. All you need to do is to have a will of your own, and you will have your way at hand as easy as it sounds.

Parking with permission only

Where there are limited options for parking, or it is no public parking lot available, it is good to know that there are a handful of parking options that are under permission only. It might be from private property or offered by a commercial authority. Whatsoever, look for the sign that says the place can be used for parking but with permission only. And, thus you can get your way.

Metered parking

There are a bunch of metered parking facilities alongside the main roads nearby the public beach accesses. The sign is as follows: green-and-white ParkMobile. Either you may access any of the metered parking stations or get the designated app on your mobile to get a space for your parking for a fixed amount of time. Even you may extend your previously set time if you feel or need so.

Siesta Key Village parking

The Siesta Key Village is kind of the center of the island as it offers the most lively experience apart from the beach activities. This village is so well planned that the surrounding public beach access points are just a short walking distance from the gathering. On top of that, the restaurants and shops hereby are prominent and available.

Siesta Key Village parking
Siesta Key Village parking

Thus, the necessity of a parking place in this village is sufficed by a municipal parking lot. There is enough space for 60 vehicles. You may park here & then walk to your preferable beach access points. In the sunny weather, walking shouldn’t be an issue.

Private parking lot

There are also private parking lots available alongside the roads. You will see, the local inhabitants have their own parking space in front of their homes. Though these parking lots are private, if you are lucky enough, you may approach an empty parking lot owner and get to convince him/her to allow you to park for a while. In some cases, you might need to be a little bit more flexible by paying for private parking spaces from time to time.

Paid parking lot

Almost similar to private parking spaces, If you are worried about parking near the beach, then look out on the street. There are certain streets with 2hr complimentary parking spots close to the beach. Also, you can find paid parking spots. The cost of 2-3 hrs will start from $3.00. And after 2-3 hours, the rate will be $1.00 per hour. You can also find whole-day parking, starting from $23.00 for a day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is parking free at Siesta Key Beach?

Yes, at the 14 public beach access points in Siesta Key, the available parking spaces are free to use though not all of them offer parking facilities. Apart from that, you may park free in the municipal parking lot at Siesta Village.

Is parking available in Siesta Key?

In a sense, parking is available in Siesta Key and is free as well. But you need to be well-informed and followed by prepared to grab those spots. Though all 14 public beach access points don’t have parking lots (Beach Access 2 has only a single ADA parking space, and Beach Access 3, 10, 11, and 13 have no parking space), there are other options available. You may park in the municipal parking lot of Siesta Village (beaches are a short walk distance from here), or use any paid parking space. However, try to be early to grab a space in the public parking lot.

Where is the best place to park at Siesta Key Beach?

The parking lot facility of the Siesta Key main beach is the best option for you. It is free of cost. Beware of the fact that during the season, it might be crowded soon though it has around 900 vehicle capacity. It is suggested to get up early to avoid the hassle of nearby parking lots.

How much does it cost to get into Siesta Key Beach?

Along with Siesta Key Beach’s main point, Turtle Beach and the other 12 public beach access points in Siesta Key are free to access. You don’t have to pay for enjoying the glazing view of the Gulf of Mexico while lying on the public beach access of Siesta Key. However, there are also some private beaches in Siesta Key.

Final Words

While traveling, having a thorough idea about the ins and outs of your trip appears very much convenient. Parking in Siesta Key sometimes becomes an issue due to heavy traffic during the season. On top of that, you can’t park at all of the public beach access points around the island.

Therefore, it is wise to know all the limitations and options for you. Be prepared accordingly. Hence, there are also Taxi and Uber services in Siesta Key. If you get one of these, you don’t need to worry about the parking at all. However, similar to the beach access, the parking lot is limited to no overnight parking.

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