Things To Do In Siesta Key Beside The Beach

Siesta Key Beaches are prominent for their white quartz sands. But if you have a long weekend, then you won’t be willing to spend your whole time just on the beach. Siesta Key is a very diversified place.

During your stay in Siesta Key, you can do adventurous trips like parasailing, Kayaking, or sea diving. Otherwise, there are also other forms of entertainment. You can spend your time in the village enjoying the Music Festival and the local farmers market as well.

Go through the post. Here, I tried to explain the activities you can do outside the beach. You also try to put some information that will help you to plan these activities ahead of time. Even if you are already in Siesta Key, you can do them spontaneously.

Siesta Key Beach
Siesta Key Beach

8 Things To do Siesta Key Beside Beaches

In the following, we’ll try to recommend some experiences that you can have in Siesta Key. These experiences are quite unique and will make your trip more memorable.

1. Try Parasailing: A Great Experience For Kids And Adults

Parasailing is one of the safest adventurous sports. When it comes to parasailing in Siesta Key, it can be more exciting. Here is a brief about everything you need to know about parasailing in Siesta Key.

Why Do Parasailing In Siesta Key

Parasailing is a great way to experience the aerial view of the island. Flying over the Turquoise Blue Water of the bay and the gulf gives great pleasure to both body and mind. It is also not unusual to get a glimpse of the wildlife of the water from the air.

parasailing in siesta keys florida
parasailing in siesta keys Florida

It is very common to see dolphins, manatees, and other wildlife. If you are doing the adventure with your kids, they will love and enjoy seeing the wildlife that they have read in the book.
Even people who have a height phobia will enjoy the ride. Instructors will help you to adjust the height according to your preference. All in all, parasailing in Siesta Key is a great way to enjoy the white gesture of the island.

How To Get To Do Parasailing

There are a few parasailing companies in Siesta Key. You can book them online depending on the reviews. They also take walking reservations. But it is always suggested to book ahead.

The parasailing boards always lift at the scheduled time. If the weather or the situation is inconvenient, then your parasailing company will ask you to rebook the reservation or cancel it. In case of overbooking, they will offer compensation.

Is Parasailing Safe For Kids

Any kid over six years old is eligible to do parasailing. Small kids will be paired up with friends or family. If parents want, then the kids can also be there with experts to keep them safe.
Some companies can charge extra for these facilities. During the off-season, this facility is sometimes provided out of gesture.

Kids parasailing in siesta keys florida
Kids parasailing in siesta keys Florida

What Will Be The Cost Of Parasailing In Siesta Key

The cost of parasailing starts from $90 per flight. Depending on the company, the time duration of the flight can take you from 15 to 30 minutes. The companies actually charge depending on the packages you want.

2. Get A Ride on the Siesta Key Breeze Trolley

Not only the beaches but the whole town of Siesta Key is beautiful. And to enjoy the town you cannot always walk around. What if I tell you that there is a way that is totally free of cost and still allows you to troll around this beautiful town?

There is a beautiful ride called Siesta Key Breeze Trolley. The breeze trolley is totally free of cost for both locals and visitors. It starts at 10:00 a.m. and runs until 10 p.m. Even though the website says that there is one trolley every 30 minutes, in reality, you will find them just in an interval of 10 minutes!

Siesta Key Breeze Trolley
Siesta Key Breeze Trolley

It starts from the Siesta Key Village and stops at Turtle Beach. It goes vice versa. You can travel all the way or it can drop you off anywhere along the route you want. The trolley is quite open so that you can enjoy the view while traveling.

Therefore I suggest if you want to travel to the town by yourself, do not waste your money on renting a car. Rather enjoy the breeze trolley.

3. Explore The Island With Bike Rides

One of the great things about Siesta Key is it is totally bikeable. Therefore, you can ride bikes anywhere you want. You can choose bike lanes on the road or you can just ride directly on the beach. Even if you don’t know how to ride, it is completely okay. There are easy bikes that run on electricity. In case you don’t know how to ride them also, it only will take you a few minutes to learn.

The Island With Bike Rides Siesta Key
The Island With Bike Rides Siesta Key

You can rent a bike for a few hours or the whole day. Drop it at any of the nearest stations. Similarly, you can pick one for yourself from any of the stations. During the sunset, ride your bikes along the Shore. The sunset will see him more beautiful than just staring at it. If you are in Siesta Key just for a day, try not to miss this bike tour.

4. Mangrove Kayaking Will Enhance Your Trip

Mangrove forest is not exactly on Siesta Key. But it is very near to Siesta Key. The exact location is in Lido Key. If you are a fan of wildlife and nature, then do not forget to add it to your bucket list. For this trip, you can bring your own kayak or get one on the spot. You will be sailing through the tunnels of Mangrove trees in Sperling Park and the nature preserve.

The Island With Bike Rides Siesta Key
The Island With Bike Rides Siesta Key

Kayaking through the mangrove tree is not tiring at all. It is a very easy row. You can spend a few hours on the water which will allow you to explore beautiful water life including dolphins. If you want to explore the trip, then try to make a morning door or an afternoon tour to the Lido Key.

If you want to explore deeper, then you can even hire guides. They will even let you know about the nature of the mangrove forest in detail.

5. Go On Dolphin Cruise

Kids or adults, everyone loves to see dolphins playing and jumping around. A Dolphin’s smiling face is such a mood booster. Nowadays, most of us don’t go to those Dolphin parks as the dolphins are forced to do stunts going out of their natural habitat.

Therefore, if you are in Siesta Key, then do not miss the chance to watch the Dolphins playing in their natural habitat. Siesta Key Waters has the largest population of bottlenose dolphins. Always in the water, swimming here and there. It’s a view of a lifetime.

dolphin cruise siesta key fl
dolphin cruise siesta key fl | Photo credit:

To see these beautiful animals, you don’t have to worry much. There are special Cruises that you can rent. The captains of these boats know where exactly to take you. The companies of Dolphin Cruises have different packages. Sometimes you can even make a day out of it. The price per hour for an adult starts from $30 and for children, it starts from $15.

If you are traveling with your friends and families and want to spend the whole day, you can rent a whole Cruise. On the cruise, they offer food and drinks according to your package.

6. Enjoy The Siesta Key Drum Circle

Among the fun events to enjoy with the locals, Siesta Key Drum Circle comes on the top. It is a popular tradition where lots of artists, dancers, locals, and tourists gather together in large groups. Everyone dances and sings together. No one is going to judge you or stare at you.

dolphin cruise siesta key fl
dolphin cruise siesta key fl | Photo credit:

The whole process is very stress-releasing. To join this event you do not have to pay any fee. The event starts 1 hour before sunset every Sunday, all year round. Don’t get confused about the timing as the time of sunset changes.

When the event is going to start there will be a loud siren and drumming sound signaling. Those, who will be coming to the event, will be given costumes, instruments, and Hula hoops. If you want, you can skip the event but I suggest you not. It’s a very safe place but still, it’s wise if you are at the gathering, to take care of your belongings.

7. Visiting Siesta Key Village Is A Must

Siesta Key Village is the ultimate destination of Siesta Key, for people who love to do shopping no matter what. There are hundreds of boutiques in shops located in the center of the village. Everything is just within walking distance.

If you like handicraft jewelry, painting, and an artistic decor, then you must visit the farmers market beside the shops. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Sundays.

In the village, there are lots of cafes that serve French breakfast and brunches. Places like Another Broken Egg Cafe or Meany’s Mini Donuts are a delight. Even if you want, you can have your lunch in the Old Salty Dog or Siesta Key Oyster Bar.

Siesta Key Village
Siesta Key Village | Photo credit:

After the sunset or just in the afternoon, you will see the bars opening where you can enjoy your drink or your dinner with live music on the patio. There you can have Mexican food, continental food, and many other options. But I will suggest trying the delicious local sea foods. Whether it’s grilled or local delight, go for the food.

8. You Can Go To The Point Of Rock

Whether you love marine life or not, visiting the Point of Rock will be worth all the trouble. I am saying trouble because sometimes it is a bit difficult for some people to find the point of the Rock. To find it, you need to walk to the southern end of Crescent Beach. Keep working until you find the sea wall.

You will need to climb the sea wall and get around the corner of the wall. There you will see a tide pool and snorkeling area. The Rockstar is covered with Moss but it’s pretty sharp. Therefore, do not forget to wear water shoes.

point of rocks siesta key
point of rocks siesta key

The place is full of marine life. You can even dive into the water to take a closer look. In case you don’t prefer that, you can even just get into Shallow water and will still be able to enjoy the natural view underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the nicest part of Siesta Key?

Siesta Beach is seemingly the most well-known fascination on the island. It has a cafe sitting above the ocean side, a huge naturally concealed playground, cookout regions, snack bars, and a few volleyball courts. You will have a lot to do on Siesta Key Beach however you could likewise, track down the greatest crowd here with great enthusiasm.

Do you need a car in Siesta Key?

One of the most exceptional parts of traveling in Siesta Key is you won’t need to rent a car or book a taxi to look around the island. There are free trolleys all day long. You can travel in them or you can even take e-bikes and explore the whole Island.

Does Siesta Key have nightlife?

The nightlife of Siesta Key is quite glorified. There are cafes and bars with free music all along the shore and even in a village. Weekends or not, most of the clubs and bars stay open till 2:00 a.m. in the morning. Some even say that this is a night town.

Final Words

There are lots of things to do in Siesta Key beside the beaches. Even if you haven’t planned everything, you can do all the things mentioned here spontaneously on your own time. But if you are coming with your family, I will suggest booking The Cruise and the kayaking ahead of time.

Whatever you are doing, just remember to stay safe. Especially with diving and parasailing. Otherwise, enjoy your trip and have a good time.

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