21 Things to do in Siesta key

Siesta Key Beach is one of the most interesting places to visit if you’re planning holidays in Florida. While planning for holidays in Siesta Key you must have a list of things you can do under different circumstances.

Holidays are for fun. But if you are prepared for things to do or you don’t know what to do then holidays can get clumsy. To help you avoid such circumstances we are presenting you with different situations and things to do under these situations.

21 Things to Do in Siesta Key Beach

Whether it’s a rainy day or you just want to stay at the beach, you can still have fun. In this post, we will try to show you the romantic and family time you can invest in. Read the post and find answers to all your confusion.

 Siesta Key Beach
Siesta Key Beach

There are activities that you can do outside, beside the beaches in Siesta Key. If you are planning for a long vacation or long weekend, then these activities will help you to enjoy the beauty of Siesta Key.

1. Visit Point Of Rock

Life underwater is the best stress-relieving and mesmerizing thing you can see in your whole life. Even psychologists refer to snorkeling or sea diving to have mental peace. While visiting Siesta Key you will have this opportunity to see the color underwater.

Point of Rocks, Siesta Key Beach

You will see small fishes, octopuses, and stingrays flowing in the water beside you. Make sure not to disturb them and enjoy their presence. The underwater life hurts you to get soundless peace of mind.

2. Make Your Tour To The Farmers Market 

The farmers market is a place you can visit on Sunday. It is open to both locals and tourists. Local artists and brands showcase their products. You can get interesting local foods, creative jewelry, and home decor within an unbelievably lower price range. 

Siesta Key Farmers Market
Siesta Key Farmers Market

Another interesting thing about the farmers market is, you will see different live performances like drama or music on the market corners. Thus if you are a fan of local products and lower prices then it is a must-visit for you.  On Sunday, when the beaches pact with people, you can find your escape route in the farmers market.

3. Visit The Stores In Silver City Sarasota

If you are a fan of Exotic jewelry and handicraft items, then you can pay a visit to the stores of Silver City Sarasota. This is actually the best place to buy interesting jewelry, souvenirs to take back home.
You can buy rings, necklaces, earrings, and bids.

Silver City Sarasota
Silver City Sarasota

You can keep them for yourself or you can give them to your friends and family. They are gonna love the gifts. Especially if you are planning a beach wedding then this jewelry will enhance your bridal look.

The nightlife of Siesta Key is also very mesmerizing. There are several bars and clubs available near the beaches. They offer delicious food and live music. Here is a list of some night places you can go and enjoy the time. Checkout Complete list of Things to Do in Siesta Key at Night

4. Beach Club

If you are planning a beach party or any night occasion, your choice of destination can be at the Beach Club. Especially for ladies’ day offers Wednesday Ladies Night. If you love the dance floor in clubs, it is the ideal place to go.

Siesta Key beach party
Siesta Key beach party

5. Gilligan’s Island Bar

This bar gives an island feel with sand on the floor, a thatched roof, and a VW bus parked inside the bar. With Live music every night, they offer a fish bowl Cocktail that you can’t say no to. It also has a variety of options for breakfast and dinner.

Gilligan's Island Bar
Gilligan’s Island Bar

6. Siesta Key Oyster Bar

If you are looking for fun after hours then it is your place. It has an open mic platform. Even if you are an amateur you can try your guitar string on stage. One of the most interesting features is, it is dog friendly and if you bring your dog they will treat it too.

Siesta Key Oyster Bar
Siesta Key Oyster Bar

When we plan any trip with our partner we want it to be romantic. If you plan properly then you can also have some romantic moments and adventures in Siesta Key. Here are some to-do lists that you can try.

7. Sunset Point

Sunset Point is a place where you get to relax and watch a beautiful sunset with your partner. Also if you want an intimate place to plan something cozy, even popping the question of marriage, then it is a great place to do so.

sunset point siesta key
sunset point siesta key

Also, another interesting thing to do during the sunset is to ride an e-bike. Riding the bike and enjoying the seashore during the sunset will take you to heaven on earth. These bikes are easy to ride even on the sand.

8. Kayaking Through The Mangrove

Kayaking through the Mangrove gives you a pleasant silence to spend some time with your partner. At the same time, you will be able to look forward to nature and explore wildlife. You will be able to see rays, manatees, and dolphins. You can go there with a group but this is a great activity as a couple if you can kayak.

Kayaking through the Mangrove
Kayaking through the Mangrove

9. Parasailing In The Island

Parasailing with your partner on the island is also another fun activity you can share. To do the activity you do not need to have a bunch of people to book the ride. Here you slowly raise from the water and flow in the air.

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When people plan a vacation for the family in Siesta Key then they look for things they can do all together safely. Here are a few things that you can enjoy with your family.

Parasailing In The Island
Parasailing In The Island

10. Enjoy Beautiful Beaches

In Siesta Key there are several beaches where you can take your kids and enjoy the time together. On these beaches, you can even arrange a small picnic for your family.

Siesta Key Beach:

Siesta Key Beach is a large beach with white, powdery and soft sands. The warm water from the Gulf of Mexico will wash away the stress from your feet. It’s a busy zone, but still worth a trip. You can let your young ones play by themselves while you chill on the beach. It’s a completely safe place.

Siesta Key Beach:
Siesta Key Beach
Sarasota Beach:

Even though the beach is on the resort island, it will still give you the natural soothing that you are looking for. Being on the resort island, there is a chance that it is only a step away from the place you are staying.

Sarasota Beach
Sarasota Beach
Turtle Beach Park:

If you are looking for swimming in a less crowded place, then you can go for turtle beach park. It is more of an underrated place. But as there is not much crowd, your little ones will be able to run along the beach freely. It is the best beach to set picnics.

Turtle Beach (Florida)
Turtle Beach (Florida)
The Sunset Beach:

The Sunset Beach severs its name. If you want to enjoy the sunset with your partner and by that time you want the little one to give you space, this is a good place to go. You can even walk along the shore and enjoy the dusk with a glass of wine in your hand.

The Sunset Beach
The Sunset Beach
Crescent Beach:

This beach is quite similar to Siesta Beach. The sand is of similar texture. It’s a bit busy during the season, but just steps away from the living area. After reaching Siesta key, if you want to take a troll before getting into the main trip, you can visit the beach.

Crescent Beach
Crescent Beach

11. Kokomo Charter

KOKOMO charters are the best way to explore the island along with your family. With this, you can visit the nearest Islands, architectural attractions, visit dolphins, and many more activities. It is completely safe. Your children will be given safety jackets and seat belts.

Kokomo Charter
Kokomo Charter

12. Fishing And Watching Dolphins

Kids love to spend their time fishing and doing activities with dolphins. With Siesta Key you can customize day activities. Your kids will love to see dolphins playing around. Also after getting done with fishing, you can barbecue the fish. Which will be a perfect ending for a family Holiday.

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Watching Dolphins
Watching Dolphins

Just because it’s a rainy day in a beachy area, your day is not ruined in Siesta Key. In Siesta Key and Sarasota, there are a lot of indoor things to do. Here is a brief listing of things you can enjoy.

13. Movie Theaters

It is a different kind of fun to watch movies on a rainy day. There are theaters like Parkway 8 Cinema, AMC 12, and CMX CineBistro Siesta Key. After watching movies you can even enjoy your lunch and dinner in the same place. Also, you can enjoy bowling alleys after the movie with your kids or yourself.

14. Museums

If you are interested in history, creative learning, and cars then Siesta Key has some interesting museums that you can visit. The Ringling, Sarasota Classic Car Museum, and Sarasota Art Museum. You can also visit Mote Marine Aquarium. People of all ages have something to learn for sure.

Sarasota Art Museum
Sarasota Art Museum

15. Indoor Entertainment

In Siesta Key you can enjoy indoor amusement parks. You can do go-carts, arcades, climbing walls, and many more. There are also great escape rooms for older kids and families. If you enjoy challenges and rushing your brain through the challenges then you can pay visits to Lokey’s Escape Rooms, Escape Reality, and Escape Room Sarasota.

More things to in Siesta Key on rainy day

Siesta Key Village is a small community area. But it has some interesting entertainment to offer. In the following take a look at the things that you can do in Siesta Key Village.

16. Visit Festivals

There are often music and other traditional festivals held in Siesta Key Village. Along with the locals, tourists have access to those festivals. During the festivals, you will see people dressing up and ceiling local items like fare.

siesta key festivals
siesta key festivals

17. Dining In

There are some restaurants with delicious seafood. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner or even breakfast there. If it’s not the holiday season or weekend then you can enjoy a silent meal. The cozy feeling will help you to relax and enjoy your food in the fresh air away from the city.

18. Shopping

In the Siesta Key Village, you will love to do your shopping for souvenirs. They are very pocket friendly and unique to anything you get in the City. There are hundreds of shops that you can visit. And you can do all these things while enjoying soft ice cream in your hand.

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Pet-Friendly Activities In Siesta Key

Even though there are restrictions on the beaches of Siesta Key regarding pets there are lots of other things you can do with them. Maybe the activity number is low but your pet is going to love them.

19. Visiting Parks And Beaches

Beaches like Brohard Paw Beach, Lido Key, and Bird Key Beach are quite a pet friendly. You can take your dog to these places to give them the enjoyment of sand and sea shore. These beaches are designed for pets. Parks like Centennial Park and O’Leary’s are places where you can have a refreshing time with your pets.

Bird Key Beach
Bird Key Beach

20. Go To Pet Boutiques

There are boutiques for your pet available in Siesta Key. You can check out Bark And Bath or Wolf Gang Bakery And Grooming. In these places, your dog will have full grooming. The Spa for your pet will be quite relaxing after the day on the beach

21. Go For Dining

There are several restaurants in Siesta Key that are quite a pet friendly. Some of the restaurants will even arrange treats for your dog or any other pet you have. Some restaurants even offer outdoor patio areas for dogs. They can have a fun time with other dogs.

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Is there a lot to do in Siesta Key Florida?

According to your preferences and choice, you can select a number of activities while visiting Siesta Key Florida. Some of them you can do pre-booking for. If you are coming with your group of people through travel agencies, you will see there offer a number of activities. Besides all the sightseeing and beach time you can even plan your own cozy time.

Is Siesta Key a party beach?

There are lots of clubs and bars lining up through the beach. They offer live music and customized parties. So if you are trying to visit Siesta Key and party with your friends there, you can do it easily. In some of these clubs and bars you need to do a pre-booking, and in others, you can book them on the spot.

What is Siesta Beach known for?

Mostly Siesta Beach is known for its white quartz sand, turquoise waters, and many beachside amenities. It is a place that you can visit with your friends, family, or partner or even plan a solo trip.

What is the best month to visit Siesta Key?

The best month to visit Siesta Key is October. During this time you will not get bothered by rain and have the autumn weather to enjoy the beach and the surrounding.

Final Words

Lots of things to do at Siesta Key Beach. But to enjoy them you need to know about the beach and what are the possible things you can do. You can enjoy both beach and outside beach activities simultaneously if you plan well. Throughout this article, we tried to introduce you to a short idea about your activity list. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy your day in Siesta Key Florida. The locals there are very well coming. And it is also safe during good night and day time. So plan a great trip and a happy vacation.

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