Things To Do In Siesta Key On A Rainy Day

Summer months in Florida are famous for rainy days. And, let’s tell you that the cloud information of this versatile land is unreal. With so many great outdoor preparations, you must be scratching your head about what are the things to do in Siesta Key on a rainy day. Well, We are aware that this is unfortunate, but don’t fret; we have arranged for you to engage in some great indoor fun activities in Sarasota, Southeast Florida, and Bradenton. 

Siesta Key On A Rainy Day
Siesta Key On A Rainy Day

10 Things To Do In Siesta Key On A Rainy Day

Though you find the weather is terrible while you’re on Siesta Key for a holiday, you won’t be at a loss for things to do. To keep yourself and everyone in the group entertained, Siesta Key offers a diverse selection of things to do on the island, even if the sun isn’t shining. 

1. Swap The Cloudy Weather For The Museum Visit 

For starters, why not visit a museum? Siesta Key is overflowing with exciting and innovative history, culture, art, and nature. You may choose from a variety of museums to suit your interests and preferences.

 The Ringling Museum, which can be found in Sarasota, is home to an impressive 21 galleries filled with artworks from Europe and the United States. Their museum has a collection worth millions, and it is recognized as Florida’s official art gallery. Artwork from all around the globe and from all different eras may be found in the Ringling Museum.

Another one you may enjoy is the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, which is recognized as the second-oldest of its kind still in operation, focusing on vintage automobiles. You may take a stroll in a fantastic setting where rare historic vehicles from the past have been preserved.

And now, you can enjoy their circus celebrities exhibit featuring art and photography. While visiting the Ringling Museum on a rainy day, check out the Circus model, Rubens Galleries, and Ca’D’Zan. In addition, in the summer season until October, you can check out “Circus Celebrities: Portraiture in the American Circus Poster,” an exhibition that looks at well-known circus artists and lithographers from the early 20th century. 

2. Have a Planetarium Experience

More ideas; if you’re looking for something with a little more of a modern twist, the BISHOP Museum of Science and Nature is a great option. If you are fascinated with exploring space, their planetarium offers fantastic astronomy programs and is a must-see. 

3. Check Out Aquariums and Other Wildlife Areas 

You can always go right with the search for more interesting things to do in the rainy Siesta Key holiday. If this is the case, we suggest visiting the Sarasota Mote Marine Aquarium

Several unique marine species can only be seen at this aquarium. Look down into the depths of the aquarium to see manatees, sharks, stingrays, and turtles. In addition, they provide tours to show them around and tell them about the facilities and the care given to the animals. 

Aquariums Sarasota Florida
Aquariums Sarasota Florida

The Sarasota Jungle Gardens are another exciting destination. A wide variety of exotic animals and bird species live in this incredible indoor wildlife reserve, and many of them are allowed to walk about and approach visitors. If you’re seeking a location allowing visitors to feed flamingos, take on bearded dragons, and even caress alligators, don’t miss out on this place. 

4. Enjoy a Show

Some people would rather stay inside and watch a performance on gloomy days than go on an energetic museum stroll. In Sarasota, you can see an excellent matinee performance seven days a week, regardless of the weather.

One of Florida’s most prestigious cultural organizations is the Asolo Repertory Theatre, located on the former estate of John and Mable Ringling. The theater presents up to 15 productions every season, ranging from popular classics to cutting-edge present-time works. At 2:00 p.m., matinee performances are available every day of the week.

Another popular venue for diverse music, comedy, theater, and dance performances is Van Wezel, also known as “the purple people seater.” Even though maximum performances here play in the evening, popular matinee shows are also presented during the day.

If you’d rather see a performance on the big screen than in a theater, the Burns Court Cinema in downtown Sarasota offers a unique alternative to the standard moviegoing experience. There is no better place in Sarasota than Burns Court to see new releases of independent, international, and art films. 

5. Go Crazy for Bowling 

Challenge the rumbling thunder with a perfect game of bowling. You may bowl at Sarasota Lanes, AMF Gulf Gate in Sarasota, or  Port Charlotte’s Treasure Lanes. Check out their websites to learn more about their summer sales.

6. Go For Indoor Shopping 

While you may need an umbrella to dodge the rain as you look for retailers in Siesta Key Village or St. Armand’s, the University Town Center Mall is completely covered. Spend a day exploring the mall’s 150 shops and eateries, including department stores  and designer shops like Dillard’s,  Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton. Take the kids to Build-A-Bear Workshop and let them customize their very own stuffed animal.

7. Take-A-Day Out For Yourself 

Obviously, you are on vacation to recharge and relax. So, why not use a rainy day for pampering yourself and setting yourself into a more calm mindset? 

Hands of Light Massage Therapy in Siesta Key will take you to a relaxed and tranquil place. You will get outstanding rehabilitation services and massage for your age, ailment, or injury. Also, consider devoting part of your time to engaging in a relaxing physical activity like Yoga. 

8. Visit A Library

Whether you’re at home or traveling outside, a book is your faithful companion of all time. And you are spending time in a library, diving into your world of yours with beautiful books around while it is raining outside. Doesn’t it sound so exciting? If you are a book lover, check out the local libraries like Gulf Gate Library, Selby Public Library, and Fruitville Public Library. 

9. Do You Like Skating?

Even though you are on vacation in a subtropical climate, it does not imply that you will miss this hobby. Put on a jumper, as you will spend a whole afternoon at Ellenton’s Ice and Sports Complex

10.  Gaze Out The Window At The Drizzle While Out 

What’s the point in sitting about and waiting for a summer thunderstorm if you can’t witness it approaching through the water? Have a reservation at any waterfront restaurants in Sarasota, Charlotte Counties, and Manatee. Some popular places are- 

Marina Jacks 
marina jacks sarasota

Siesta Key is a popular tourist destination, and many people like spending a sunny day there lounging on the pristine beach or swimming in the clear, calm sea. However, this heavenly land never disappoints you with things to do in Siesta Key on a rainy day, even when Mother Nature has something else in mind. So, what is your favorite thing to escape from a rainy day?

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