Things To Do In Siesta Key Village

Siesta Key Village is one of the reasons why people rush to Siesta Key. When we think of villages most of the time we think of rural people, with minimal access to necessary things and you won’t able to shop.

But things are not the same with Siesta Key Village. People who go to Siesta Key, definitely go to the Village. And if you love shopping, you fall head hard in the place.

If you are confused about why you should go to Siesta Key Village and what to do in Siesta Key Village, then we are here to help you out. Keep reading to explore.

Siesta Key Village map | Image: TripAdvisor

7 Ways To Enjoy Siesta Key Village

There are 7 different ways to enjoy Siesta Key Village rather than going to the beach or Sarasota. Look at the ways you can enjoy your stay in the village.

1. Shopping To Please Your Heart And Pocket

Siesta Key Village is a lovely place that has lots of shopping stores. If you are someone who loves to shop a lot and it works as therapy, then Siesta Key Village can be your yoga center.

Here are some shops that you must visit during your trip to Siesta Key Village:

The Gallery:

This is one of the best places to buy souvenirs for your friends and family. It is a unique Store run by local artists. Here you can find home decor and wearables. The unique thing about the shop is it sells ocean-inspired decor.

If you want to know about the art and other creations, ask the staff available. The staff will be local artists. Therefore, if you can create a bond, then you can even get some discounts.
The shop is located at 5129 Ocean Blvd.

the gallery siesta key
the gallery siesta key

Siesta Key Bead Shack:

Siesta Key Bead Shack is a very unique place located at 5263 Ocean Blvd. Here lots of beads are decorated on the wall. By choosing the one you like, you can create your Masterpiece.

In the store, you will be given the tools that are required to build the pieces of jewelry. Even the staff of the store are very friendly and will show you how to work with the beads if you need any help.

Siesta Key Bead Shack
Siesta Key Bead Shack

Beach Bazaar:

If you have forgotten to bring things for the beach, then you can find them in the Beach Bazaar. It has a huge collection of beach accessories including sandals, sunglasses, towels, and many more.

It is a very family-friendly place where you can find something for everyone in the family. Visitors often buy floral clothing from this place as souvenirs.

beach bazaar - siesta key
beach bazaar – siesta key

Califlorida Skate And Surf Shop:

For things you need to do the beach activities like sports gear or surf wear, then Califlorida Skate And Surf Shop is your place. You can get things you need to enjoy the beach in a rental. It has some customized items like surfboards and skateboards. Anything from top line brands is available in the store.

Califlorida Skate And Surf Shop
Califlorida Skate And Surf Shop

Island Boutique:

On 5212 Ocean Blvd, you will find the Island Boutique. In this place, you will get things you can wear every day and for special occasions. Most of the clothing is Made in Italy. If you visit the place during the monsoon or summer Sunday, you will find lots of collections in summer style and Bohemian styles.

Island Boutique
Island Boutique

Foxy Lady Siesta Key:

Foxy Lady is a place where you can find unique and Island inspired fashion. It has lots of elegant collections with a splash of colors. Especially if you are in Siesta Key for a party or a wedding, then you can definitely buy your clothes from here. They carry brands like Josheps, Ribkoff, Lisette L Montreal, and Up. The shop is located at 209 Beach RD.

Foxy Lady Siesta Key
Foxy Lady Siesta Key

2. Go To The Farmers Market

Every Sunday, the farmers market of Siesta Key sits on Davidson’s plaza in the village. It is accessible to visitors and locals. You can find the most organic items in the place.

Here, you see people saying homemade suits, fruits and vegetables from their farms, art pieces, handmade pieces of jewelry, and many more. You can even find ice cream trolleys which will help you to enjoy the shopping a bit more.

Another interesting fact about the place is that here you can enjoy live music played by the local artist. Also, you can find people painting pictures. You can ask them to make a portrait of yours.

farmers market in siesta key florida
farmers market in siesta key Florida

3. Feel The Beat Of Drum Circle

The Dram Circle of Siesta Key is a very enthusiastic and colorful event. It takes place along the beach of Siesta Key Village. Every Sunday around the year, during the evening hours, the drum seats.

During this event, everyone can participate. The artists bring props to share with the people. Here, people enjoy themselves. As the evening terms into the night, the beats get faster and louder. It is not mandatory that if you want to enjoy the event, you have to participate. You can just enjoy the performance by sitting in a chair and enjoying your drink without doing anything.

drum circle Siesta Key beach
drum circle Siesta Key beach

If you have a musical instrument with you, then you can play it along with the artist. The artists are very welcoming about people joining them. If you want to attend the event, then look for the siren playing. As the sunset hour changes at different times around the year, the siren is a good way to let people know that the Drum Circle is getting started.

The location of the drum circle is 948 Beach Rd, Siesta Key. The whole event is very memorable, so if you have a camera, do not forget to take a snap.

4. Attending Siesta Fiesta

Siesta Fiesta is an annual event of Siesta Key Village. It takes place every year in April. You can find the date on the website. It is kind of an outdoor open Street party.

Hundreds of vendors selling arts and crafts sit in their stalls on the roadside. You will find delicious food stands with fresh sea foods. Musicians are jammed packed into the village. They will be performing live music and if you want, you can join them in any form.

It is a great place to shop for unique crafts and souvenirs. The price is quite lower than the regular price which makes it quite pocket friendly. You can find works on glasses, metal, sculpture, photography, and many more.

Even though the place is very much crowded, the April weather makes it bearable. And the whole environment created on the Siesta Key Village will not let you get tired of the events. The fair seats at 10 a.m. and runs till evening.

To attend the event, you don’t need to pay any fee, rather you just need to be there on time. It sits on Beach Road, Ocean Boulevard. If possible, make sure you attend the fest, it is family friendly and safe.

5. Dining At Siesta Key Village

To make any trip great, it is very important that you have good food. In Siesta Key Village, you will have some delicious food for all the time of the day. Here are some of our suggestions that will help you to have some good food.


To have a great start to a day, you need a good breakfast. Here are some places you can have your 1st meal of the day.

  • The Village Cafe: The place is known for yogurt parfaits and biscuits with gravy and an awesome Greek omelet. It can cater to small or large parties. So if you are planning any parties for breakfast or lunch you can contact them. They are located at 5133 Ocean Blvd., Siesta Key.
  • Broken Egg Cafe: For a Southern inspired breakfast or brunch, you can visit Broken Egg Cafe. They are mostly praised for their monstrous plate-sized pancakes. Also, you can enjoy their special Cocktail or a glass of Mimosa.
  • LeLu Coffee: If you are looking for a great brewed coffee and a simple breakfast, then go to LeLu Coffee. They have a very funky environment and comfortable couches to enjoy your breakfast.

Lunch And Dinner

Whether you are looking for fancy dining or just simple foods, you have got lots of options in Siesta Key Village. But here are some of our suggestions that are going to make your food adventure a bit more tasty and relaxing.

  • Summer House Steak and Seafood: For a fine dining experience with seafood or steak, we suggest you go to Summer House Steak and Seafood. They serve fresh foods and have a greater range of wine and other drinks. Even if you want, you can go for just soup and salads and enjoy the acoustic environment of the restaurant. For booking, you can contact them on the website or can give them a direct call.
  • The Cottage: To enjoy food in a very soothing environment with a beach vibe, you must go to The Cottage. They are mainly known for their seasonal cuisines. And the ingredients are collected from local vendors. Visit happy hour for delicious food and appetizer.
  • Siesta Key Oyster Bar: Siesta Key Oyster Bar can be a great seafood experience. Along with great food, you can also enjoy live music on the patio. Their crab nachos are a must try.
  • Cafe Gabbiano: For a fine dining experience, you should go to Cafe Gabbiano. Especially if you are a fan of Italian food, then this is your jam. They have a huge collection of fine wines. To celebrate any occasion with a four course meal and a great wine, you should book the place.

6. Enjoying Dessert In Siesta Key Village

There is no good time for having dessert. But the best time to have dessert is all the time. In Siesta Key Village, there are some interesting dessert places. Take a look at our suggestions.

  • Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream: If you want to have a nitrogen frozen ice cream, then go to Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream. You can customize your ice cream from their menu. And after your order, they will prepare the ice cream on the spot with nitrogen which makes it more smooth and creamy.
  • Made in Rome: To get organic homemade Gelato to go to Made in Rome. They have more than two dozen flavors to choose from. Even if you are vegan or have any sort of dietary restriction, you can let them know and they will make your customized gelato.
  • The Orange Octopus: This place is very friendly and has lots of ice cream flavors on its menu. You can mix and match lots of toppings and flavors if you want. Even if you want, you can see it there and enjoy the ice cream.

7. Take Trips On Breeze Trolly

To take a trip of the whole Island along with the village, you can hop on the Breeze Trolly. You can even get on the trolley when it stops along the Siesta Key Village and right back to the same spot after touring the whole Island.

Siesta Trolley
Trips On Breeze Trolly | Siesta Trolley

The trolley starts at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and runs till 10:00 p.m. If you have kids, then they are going to enjoy it very much. The interesting thing is, you do not have to get down on the major stops only. You can hop down at any place and get onto the next trolley in the same place.

The ride is free of cost. This means you get to travel the whole Island and have more money to do shopping in the village.

What is there to do in Siesta Key Village on a rainy day?

Rather than shopping or exploring the village, you can go for indirect activities like museums and theaters on a rainy day. If you are with your family or your partner then, you can also enjoy movies and indoor gaming.

How far is Siesta Key Village from the beach?

The Siesta Key Village is just around the corner from the beach. It can only be 100 yards. The whole village is also very small but something you don’t want to miss out on. You can walk and tour the whole village just in a few hours.

Does Siesta Key have shopping?

Siesta Key Village is the core shopping center of the island. It is not a shopping mall but a community shopping place. You can just work around the place and find boutiques of arts and crafts, wearings, and lots of food stalls. Most importantly this is a very budget-friendly place.

Where are the Siesta Key Breeze trolley stops?

There are three measured spots where the breeze trolley stops. Those are Siesta Village, Siesta Beach, and Turtle Beach. Also, you can drop down or get into the trolley between any of these places. Especially if you want to go to Crescent beach from the village, you should take the trolley.

Final Words

Siesta Key Village runs as the heart of Siesta Key. It’s a small place with lots of activities to do. Especially if you are someone who is a fan of shopping and loves great food, then you must visit the village. The place is also very family-friendly.

Try to schedule your visit to the village during the Fiesta or weekend. Then your shopping boost will take different turns and that is on a budget. So, we suggest you complete your trip to Siesta Key go and enjoy Siesta Key Village.

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